It's been my dream since I was little to be a Disney animator and work for Pixar. I'm pretty good at drawing but so far I haven't really worked towards that dream but right now I'm working on a portfolio and am hoping to maybe change majors if I really enjoy it. But I just wanted to meet some fellow nerdfighters who love disney and would love to be artists either for pixar or disney animation studios.

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I don't want to be a disney animator however my dream is to be a Disney Imagineer. It's not quite the same thing but maybe we will one day end up working for the same company. Hope everything goes well for you!

I hope to start their Imaginations design project but can't find a team (you need at least 2 people) and since my program (engineering) is rather busy no one seems to want to do it. If there are any Nerdfighters who would like to team up with me on this and they live somewhere near Ottawa ON that would be awesome. Although there are some restrictions on who can apply: you have to still be in school or have graduated less than a year ago, you have to be in either Architecture, Digital Art/Animation, Interior Design, Theater Design, Construction Management, Engineering, Project Management, Creative Writing, Fine Art, or Media Production / Interactive
Here's the link if anyone is interested:

do you have an idea thought up already?

well since disney bought marvel my asperations seem to be alittle misplaced

I wanna be a storyboard artist writer and voice actress because I recently found out that there are a lot of forgotten disney characters that don't deserve to be forgotten so I want to make a sort of skit show like the House of Mouse....GOD DAMN! was that show awesome or what?!?

epic mickey?

i want to be an animator too. not pixar though. i'm a sophmore in college now, fine arts major. i will probably go for another degree in animation afterwards.

I'm an animation major at BYU (which has an awesome animation program) and I definitely want to work for Disney or Pixar.

I'm only 13, but I'm looking into every program I can find, and it's my dream to work for disney or pixar :) I have high hopes

my dream is to either be a disney animator, or be the main compitision for disney


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