We all know that the Disney heroes are great and everything, I'm not saying that the heroes are wimpy or inferior. It's just it seems like the villains have much more passion, better character design, and let's face it, better songs. (Example: Scar in Be Prepared)

So, who makes your top five Disney Villains?

Here's mine:

1. Scar
2. Hades
3. Ursula
5. Jafar

P.S. I know that Grammar Nerdfighters are going to get on my back about the title, but I'm Canadian and that's how we spell favoUrite. :P

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1-Captain Hook
4-Dr. Facilier

I need more haha
This is a really good question.
Honestly. I've forgotten loads I bet.
5-Cruella De Vil
1. Hades.
2. Ursula
3. Gaston.
4. Jafar.
5. Captain Hook.
1. Scar
2. Hades
3. Jafar
4. Dr. Facilier
5. Gaston
Refer to the Nostalgia Critics Top 11 Disney Villian list.
1. Maleficent (beautiful and dangerous)
2. Madame Medusa (over-the-top performance)
3. Ursula (for channeling Divine)
4. Shan-Yu (Tough, smart, and dang near unstoppable)
5. Yzma (Eartha Kitt is always purr-fect)
I forgot Frollo!! How could I?? D:
Hellfire is one of my absolute FAVOURITE villain songs EVER. It's tied for first with Be Prepared, as you can tell be my previous comment. :P
1. Maleficent
2. Dr Facilier
3. Hades
4. Yzma
5. Captain Hook
Lucifer. Hands down.
I absolutely love gaston! and i love the movie too.. but i wish the disney channel ppl would play "beiuty and the beast"

1.- Gaston
2.- the guy from the princess and the frog
3.- Gafar
4.- The witch of "the sword in the stone"
5.- Captain hook
6.- the blue smokin' dude from hercules
7.- The red hair chick from the rat investigators thing, movie 1
8.- The muscly hunter dude from the rat investigators thing, movie 2
9.- The bad old dude on "The hudgeback of notredame"
10.- Zcar
11.- the witch from sleeping buty

Why top-11?
because i am not afraid to go one step beond
1.Hades, he made being a villain charming and funny and scary!
2.Frollo had the creepiest song, it was all passion-y and sinful...
3.Dr. Faciler He had awesome songs and he had charisma!
4.Maleficent because she did seem like devils wife
5. Oogie Boogie, he just seemed so jazzy and vile!
1. Captain Hook
2. Mad Madam Mim
3. Hades
4. Scar


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