What do you guys hope it will look like? I'm hoping for a more old fashioned one, with maybe a bit more wood grain

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I think it won't change, much like 9 and 10's TARDISes were the same (cool story: I've actually been in that TARDIS and the Torchwood hub, my Dad used to work for Doctor Who) .Although I would like a more old timey TARDIS, like the *th Doctor's TARDIS in the Doctor Who movie. That one is my favorite

Yeah the Eighth Doctor's  TARDIS is my favorite too. It was really steampunk and larger than the older ones 

That was actually a carry over from 7 I believe and one I liked as well. Too bad Paul wasn't all that good as the Dr. =(

Aww man I thought he was great as the doctor. What did you not like about him? 

He seemed too much like a soap opera actor in that movie then again the  movie wasnt all that great and didn't help my liking of him as the dr because of the materials and they way it was done.

I thought the movie was fantastic, but then again I love cheesy movies and stuff, and that one is up there with the cheesiest. Have you listened to any of the Big Finish Audio Doctor Who episodes that Paul McGann has done? Those are really good and substantially more doctor whoey than the movie 

No, I was not aware such a thing even existed.! Most interesting.

When is Smith going to regenerate?

I think after series 7.

Yeah thats what I keep hearing this is his last season.

we need to get some of the fans of the classic series i know are part of this group in on this one...they probably have a better idea of how often the TARDIS has changed over the years.

Well the TARDIS often changes from Doctor to Doctor. But it was often minor changes, like a slightly new console or maybe new walls. Nothing like the change from eleven to ten


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