I'm posting this here because it didn't go well on tumblr and even if I can't be a part of it, it would be nice to see it done!

Alright well, I just got a brilliant idea while posting on my friend’s wall on facebook, unfortunately I doubt my friends would do it since they aren’t really Doctor Who fans, but I know there are plenty on here! and plenty of ones that cosplay!!!

anyways, we’ve all seen those videos floating around “shit people say”

some of them are funny, some aren’t (I’ve only seen 3, what am I saying?)

I think it would be great if a couple of people, cosplayed as the Doctor (each one of them) and collaborated to make a video of the sort!!

I’ve been meaning to start working on my fourth doctor cosplay, and this would motivate me to do so. anyways, if anyone is interested and would like to talk more about it, message me!

just adding this here, a “shit the companions say” would be funny too.

and I’ve looked it up, I can’t find any videos of the sort….


(basically just copy/pasted the tumblr post I made jeje)

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This has the potential to be absolutely hysterical.  I'd love to help brainstorm ideas, particularly for a "shit the companions say" type video, even though I don't cosplay. :)

Awesome!!!! I really think it would hysterical too jejje

This sounds fun I have a tenth doctor halloween costume that I got together myself. I don't know anything about the type of video, but it still interests me.

Neat idea! May I suggest that to spread word of this those taking part mention it on a video on their you tube channel? Or, like the people who made that five hundred miles of Doctor Who fan video, create a you tube page for it.

YES I would love to join. I have a Ten-like outfit but I would also like to do Nine if you need him.
I demand a Ten in it surrounded by girls and a fitting comment. xD
Ooh and I want a random Ood in it, if thats possible. (:
So are you going to organize it? :D
I know many quotes that I love but I think its also cool to make some up as a parody.

what is cosplay?

To dress and act like a movie/comic/tvshow/book character.

I love this idea!  Shit companions say:  It's bigger on the inside!  About a million times :)

I'm so glad that people like this idea, alrighty everyone, I'm thinking of making a youtube account where you can all upload the videos, and then I can put them together or something, unless anyone has something more sensible?? jejej anyways, if you guys have any friends that would be interested spread the word! we'll need lots of people to fill in all the roles. I would love to do fourth doctor clips, but since I haven't started on the cosplay :/ 

just wondering: do you have a baker scarf? i make and sell them for around $50 if u need one :) i just know theyre super expensive everywhere else


Nice of you to offer!! I am going to make my own, I just tend to get so lazy with my knitting. 


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