Hiya Guys,

Just thought tht it was time for a little game.

if you dont no what the Alphabtical game is.

Its a game (Well guessed) where you have to write a word that starts with the letter that you have gotten to.


ex. Letter H Category Animals = Horse


This time the games gonna be a bit harder because you have to write a word that has something to do with Doctor Who


I'll start.


Letter A = Adipode


Now it's you guys turn o write one with rest of the letters, when we hit z we start from the beginning (A)


Good Luck & have fun

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Improbability Drive.


Tennant Doctor said that he was "Very Arther Dent" when he first regenerated and fought the baddies in his jammies. It's safe to assume that he's read Hitchhiker.

^well done

Jackie Tyler

Krillitanes, they used to look like humans with very long necks.

About the Arthur Dent comment, remember also that Douglas Adams was part of of the writing staff a long time ago.
Last Centurion

not sure if this has been done... similar to Claire... i can't be bothered reading through 24 pages to see... so here it is


Midnight Entity


(The thing from "Midnight" episode... that freaky thing that mimicked them then started turning them against each other)

New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New New York (the doctor said there had been 18 new yorks after the original thus would be the one from new earth)

this is one for people who are TRUE and ORIGINAL Doctor Who fans....



The Optera.... if someone can reply with a P from something within the OLD series of D.W. i will give you fifty three virtual dollars, useful to buy anything your imagination can dream up and pretend to acquire.

Patrick Troughton. I hope this isn't too sneaky, but I need the money for my virtual skybank.
Pyramids of Mars
congratulations... you win the virtual dollars, usable in my imaginary virtual store to purchase imaginary goods a plenty
Rory. I don't want to check either.
screwdriver, laser


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