I have to say that 10 was my favorite. The fist i saw looked a little too old and the current Doctor is good but not as amazing as the last one.

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I'm not sure I can really choice the best doctor. Each has a good quality and each has something different to the rest. I think if I was pushed to chose at the moment it would be between David Tenant and Matt Smith. But as I am yet to watch all of the original series' of Doctor Who it's not a complete decision. 

Each have something different that gives them a different quality.  I love all 3 of the ones I've seen, although if I had to choose it would be a tie between David Tennant and Matt Smith.

David is my Doctor, the first episode I ever watched was his last (i didn't know it was his last at the time.) and I love how he's fun loving and hyper and quite intelligent.

Matt brings the doctor into a more whimsical person, but when it comes to serious, dark scenes he is fantastic, and I think he is fully able to embody a man who's seen his entire people get destroyed and is alone in the universe.

But, seeing how I have yet to see the original series I'm not sure if my decision is complete (i've been told I'm going to love the 8th doctor)

For me, it's between Christopher Eccleston and David Tennant. Christopher Eccleston was my first Doctor so I was really sad when he left, but I also really love David. They were both amazing. Matt Smith is good too, but I love the other 2 more.

I am completely unable to choose the best Doctor. I think about it and I think "hmm, probably 10, but no, I love 9 he was the first doctor I watched, but no Matt Smith so adorable asdfasdasfasfdsdf;;" 

So, this was a non-answer. 

It's so difficult to choose! Each has his own special characteristics that make him a favorite. William Hartnell, as the original doctor, will always hold a special place for me, but his Doctor was a bit more cowardly and self-centered. The eighth Doctor was pretty decent, but I think my favorite is probably the tenth Doctor, David Tennant, followed closely by the ninth Doctor. Matt Smith is all right, but he took quite a bit of getting used to.

David Tennant

The best doctor is like the best pony in My Little Pony - it does not exist. I only believe in favorite doctors, and favorite ponies.

Although my first episode was The Doctors Wife with Matt Smith, I started watching the series from the start of New Who, so I will say that Eccleston is my first doctor. When he regenerated, I could not believe that I would like David Tennant, although I thought that he would be the reason to watch it because everyone was so in love with him. It took some episodes to get used to him, but then I was utterly in love and crying when he regenerated. I could not believe I would honestly like Matt Smith. But about two months back I started watching Matt Smitt and although it takes a longer time to get used to him than with Tennant, he's growing on me. I do have some difficulties accepting his personality, but I don't thinkt it will matter because I still have some issues with Ten being a douchebag from time to time (we had this discussion before, so please, it's just my opinion).

I love the doctor in all these three forms. I love Nine's personality and his unique way of displaying the doctor (also, without the suit). I love how he took care of Rose and his respectway way of dealing with people/aliens, but also his anger and grief that seemed to be mixed together and sometimes burst out of him. I love season one because I think that half of the season has amazing episodes. He was the only doctor that I felt like I could truely trust and that says a lot, because I don't trust easily. But I love Ten. His charms, the way he could make me blush while only watching a computer screen, his boldness, his interaction with the Master. I love how he was never afraid to show what he feels, how he cries, screams, laughs and was so highly empathic that it moved me so much that I had to weep several times. I didn't like his arrogance, his attitude towards Micky, though in the end it seemed to be better. But I do understand that arrogance, that boldness, because if so many depend on you, you have to be the hero, you can't give up and quit, so bragging might push you to do the best you can. And now there's Eleven, the angry shouting Eleven who wanted to take a ten-year old with him in this spaceship. Eleven seems to be childlike thus far, more arrogant than Ten, but still he is empathic, he cares, but he shows it differently. He's still the doctor. Plus I loved that he said ''You're scared? That's good, you would be stupid if you weren't. Scared makes you quicker, that's good.'' I really think that is a good and typical Doctor quote, plus it makes me full of joy to realize that young kids will hear that and think - so it's okay, I can be scared, but I shouldn't let it hold me back. That's good, that is comforting, that is what I would have liked to hear when I was a kid.

I'm undecided and I probably forever will be. But not making a decision is also a decision, so I guess I'm content.

(Forgive me my poetic outburst, this is just what Doctor Who does to me...)

I liked the 10th doctor the best. he was also my first doctor. the first episode I ever saw of doctor who was the one where the t.v lady kept sucking peoples faces off. but anyways I like david because he is a good combination of the 11th doctor and the 9th doctor. when I watch matt smith, im entertained, but I dont see him as the doctor.

For me it would have to be David.. I started watching Dr.W just under a year ago and I started with the ninth who was very good but I loved David Tennent as an actor and so I was excited to see him and was always going to be a little bit biased. But what I loved about his time as the doctor was the love he showed for those he shared his travels with, that we saw quick flashes of the other incarnations in him while he was acting and when he was being emotional, you felt every moment with him, happy or sad. I never got that with the others, they were actors (brilliant actors, I do love them too) but it just didn't seem right.. I can't even put my finger on it now! Hopefully someone understands what I'm trying to say! xD

Same here! Although nine was technically my first doctor, I already loved David (from Hamlet and Harry Potter) so when I was watching the first season I kept thinking "this guy is fantastic...but I can't wait until I see David!"

Also, am I the only one who thinks nine wasn't that dark? I mean, he was, but...he just seemed to have this appreciation for irony. Like, just this dark humor. Not sure if that makes any sense, but anywho.

David Tennant is the best.  He really makes you feel for him.  When Matt Smith showed up I hated him.  He just seemed like a hipster but as time went on he started to grow on me. He is much more apathetic to the death of others than David Tennant was but he is rather silly.  I wish he kept the Fez.

For me, it's between Tom Baker and David Tennant with a very special mention for Paul McGann. Tom Baker is the first Doctor that I remember seeing, and Paul McGann was the Doctor throughout "the Dark Years" when we could only enjoy it with radio plays and books. So I've probably enjoyed more of his stories than any other Doctor.

But David Tennant is SUCH a fan that it seeps out through every nuance of his performance. His excitement is so contagious that I get just as much thrill out of seeing one of his episodes for the tenth time as I did the first time I saw it...except for "Fear Her."


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