Do you guys watch the classic series? Of the 2 whovians I know in real life, neither of them watch the classic series, which is a shame, considering that there are some great episodes in the original series.

So to those who do watch the classic series: what do you think of it? 

This is what I think: Despite it's incredible cheesiness and terrible special effects, I love it. I will admit haven't seen all of it though (though I've seen most of what most people say are the good parts of the classic series). I've watched all the Tom Baker episodes, watched a hand full of Patrick Troughton & Peter Davison episodes, and currently I've started watching the Jon Pertwee episodes.

The fourth doctor is probably my 2nd favorite doctor (after the eleventh doctor), but I've also really gotten to like the third doctor, which is kinda surprising because before I started watching him for some reason I had this crazy idea that that I didn't really like him. But then I started watching and I realized how incredibly awesome and BA he was. I started watching the second doctor a while back and I also really liked him, but it was kind of hard to watch with so many of the episodes missing. And after I had watched all of the fourth doctor episodes I tried to watch the fifth doctor, and not that I didn't like him, but he just doesn't even compare to the fourth doctor.

So yep, that's what I think... well actually there's a lot more, but I'm sure I'll add more as you guys start discussing :)

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I watch the classic series :D I love it. Some of it is sort of boring but its still generally really good. I have all the William Hartnell and Patrick Troughton on DVD (besides the lost episodes of course). Im trying to collect every single episode. I think that Tom Baker is one of the best Doctors besides David Tennant. They are for sure my two favorites but I there are some Doctors that I still haven't seen so that might change :)

My boyfriend and I are watching the classic series in order, including the episodes that don't exist. We're almost to the end of One's run...and he's pretty awesome. He probably gets the most character development of any Doctor, since he starts out as this crotchety old man who takes Ian and Barbara along so they can't tell anyone about the TARDIS. By his third season, he's the hero we all know and love, and I'll be sad to see him go.

My top three Doctors right now are Ten, Four, and One in that order. This may change as soon as I start watching Second Doctor serials.

how are you watching something that doesn't exist? ;-) I don't like watching things out of order, so it sucks that so many episodes are missing.

DailyMotion and Youtube have fan recaps of missing episodes...that is, someone used a tape recorder to record the soundtrack, and someone else added screencaps and captions and posted it online. Even better, if you can get them, are the official recaps, which are audio-only, but the sound quality is better and the linking narration is done by one of the actors (Ian and Steven thus far in my watching).

And that's how I watch something that doesn't exist ;)

lol cool :-) 

I, like many others, started watching with the new series, though I didn't start until it was in series 4 I think. I've tried watching old episodes but there aren't many available on streaming and I don't have the money to buy them yet. I think I'd rather read them honestly.  I plan to watch as many episodes as I can, though, since I downloaded quite a few, but that takes time. 

I did find it really interesting to see what they did with the pilot. It felt so different. But when I watched the Aztecs I saw so many of the things I like about modern Doctor Who. He accidentally gets engaged, we learn not to interfere, everyone almost dies.... lol It takes a bit of work to get past the cheesiness though. It's too bad the BBC didn't appreciate what it had back then. 

That's also the first time the Doctor accidentally gets engaged to a historical figure! Random Aztec lady, Elizabeth I, Marilyn Monroe, anybody else? Even as an old man, he was a hit with the ladies.

No kidding! Then again, if all it takes is drinking some hot chocolate, I'm sure many of us would walk into the same trap. :-)

I've decided I want to marry a man nerdy enough to propose over hot chocolate.

Fair enough. ;-) I'm sure there are a few of those in the world.

My current boyfriend fits the bill (and gave me the idea, actually)...but it's only been three months.

yeah, never a good idea to rush into that. My wife and I were together almost 5 years before getting married (though it wasn't legal before then anyway) but it still brought up all sorts of weird subconscious beliefs and issues that had to be worked out in the first year. lol 


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