so... there were some comments regarding the 11th Doctors second companion (outside of the specials and River...who is a special case) to be portraied by Jenna-Louise Coleman... more specifically there were a number of Nerdfighers who were hoping she'd turn out to be from a different time or even be an alien.  thought we could all talk about this one here and maybe more easily come back to it a season down the road and see how we like the results, in comparison.

personally i have mixed feelings.  from my limmited knowledge of the classic series, i'm pretty sure the majority of not only recent companions, but companions in general, have been contemporaries of the era of the show... and human.  as one of our fellows pointed out, this has some advantages with them rooted (more or less) in our world/time. 

at the same time, anyone who has followed the show (or gone back) has been seeing today's people of earth more or less reflected and reflecting (in) the series.  it might be interesting to see more of the past, future, other worlds and even (or maybe especially) the present through another very different pair of eyes (for a while.)

what do you think?

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Most Companions have been contemporary--in fact, this was controversial among the first few production teams. In Season 3 (First Doctor) they killed off Katerina and Anne Chaplet in quick succession because they were from the past, and thus thought to be of less use as an audience-surrogate. But the very next production team brought in a Companion from the past who turned out to be a fan favorite and one of the longest-running Companions: Jamie McCrimmon. (pause for obligatory *squee*) Romana, a Time Lady, is another of my favorite Companions. (Also K9.)

Anyway, I'd like to see a past or alien Companion in the new series. We've come so close so many times...Jabe, Chantho, Astrid...that psychic kid from Family of Blood...yes, I hope the new Companion is from the past or another planet.

The very early show (which I'm currently watching) usually had two or three companions at a time: Ian, Barbara, Susan; Ian, Barbara, Vicki; Steven, Vicki; Steven, Dodo; Ben, Polly; Ben, Polly, Jamie (this is where I've reached). I like the multi-Companion dynamic...especially, notice when there's three Companions, at least one is from a different time period (Susan is a Time Lady, Vicki and Steven are from the future, Jamie from the past). I think they could do it again for the nostalgia, at least; I don't think it's a risk.

I think a non contemporary or non earthly character could provide an interesting different view on contemporary life on earth. We would still be able to relate to that.

Agreed! And aliens could still be human-looking (cf. Romana, Turlough, Nyssa...) if they didn't want to go too far out on a limb.

Like Victoria? (2nd-Doctor Companion)

I don't have much knowledge of the classic series either but I like the companions being human because I can relate to them more and most of their reactions are funnier compared to aliens who already know about the universe. I would also love to see a lot more of other worlds and/or in the past. I know it is easiest to film the present but I really love when they go someplace completely new to the viewers or even just me. And I don't know much about Jenna-Louis Coleman but I am very excited to get to learn a new face and personality in the show an I am wondering how the Doctor will pick her up :)

How about an alien from a planet where they don't know about the universe.. like earth.. but not earth..

yeah that would be cool also :) I just like to have to companion someone that I can relate to at least a little bit. Because everything The Doctor does and knows just goes right over my head and I like to see how the companions react to this also.

I think she'll be either from the future (like Jack, oh, my sweet, hot Jack) or from modern day UK. I understand that. Most of the audience is from today's UK and I can't blame them for not making her a 18 year old, redhead nerd from Bosnia and Herzegovina. That would make me really, really happy but I doubt that she would be a relatable character. They can make her, either a human looking alien or Time Lady. I doubt that she'll be a Time Lady because that would mean that the Doctor is not the last one and I think Moffat likes the idea of him being alone. They can't make her an alien looking alien because that would just be weird and unpractical.

I think she'll be really, really smart. I mean Sherlock Holmes smart. I would like to see that but I just hope she doesn't fall in love with the Doctor. Girls, hold you hormones. He's 900 years old.  I never really liked the romance part of the show, with the exception of Amy and Rory. Doctor is one of the rare characters that I don't ship with anyone.

I would like to see a nerdy companion, obsessed with space and aliens. I don't know why, but I think that would be really cool. Fandom might just go boom!

I think it would be cool if the next companion is from America, especially from the revolutionary war era. or civil war. It would be interesting to see how the doctor will react to a full-time american companion.

For that I'd rather the actor/actress really be American. The only full-time Classic Companion I can think of who was supposed to be American was Peri. That should say it all. I want to see an American Companion, but only if they're going to do it right.

I think it would be cool if she was another time lady like Romana.


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