I'm getting a Dr. Who cake for my 16th birthday and I'm kind of at a loss of what to put around the trim of the cake like I already know I wanna put the scarf wrapping around the edge, but what other Dr. Who-esque things/details could I add to the trim?


All ideas are very welcome! : )


You can now view my cake on my profile, in my photos!!! : )

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Bow ties and fezzes.
And stetsons. Stetsons are cool.
Fish sticks with custard... no wait.  That'd be pretty gross. xD
Jelly babies!!!!!!!!!!  You can buy them at World Market.
Ahhhh! I can't believe I didn't think of this one. Maybe I can find some... I don't think there is a World Market near me though. : ( Scratch that I just looked online and there is one in the city near me, hopefully they have some! Thanks for the idea!
Any time!  I ate them while I watched the Doctor Who Christmas Special.  I'm just glad I finally passed that on to another Whovian.

I love all of these ideas so much, though I'm going to have to pass on the fish fingers and custard lol. Thanks so much!!!!!

P.S. Still looking for ideas though! ; )

A badger!
YES!  Charlie the badger!

That would be so cool!

Edible Daleks! Because really, where would Doctor Who be without Daleks?
Ahhhhh! That would be awesome, I'm just afraid they wouldn't be able to makes some good quality ones at the bakery. : (


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