I was just wondering if it would be acceptable to post some Doctor Who (as well as maybe Torchwood related) fanfictions on here for all the Whovian Nerdfighters to look at. If a mod could maybe clear my up on this matter, I would be much appreciative. Thank you Nerdfighters, as well as Nerdfighter Mods, for all you do to keep this site up and running!


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sure...and can I post back, when I've got something written?

Me too?

I would be delighted to read some of your stuff, since I never read Dr. Who fanfic before and I think it would be nice for the writer to recieve some love/feedback. I am especially interested in stories in which the doctor meets historical figures we have not seen before!


Good idea, plotoberry? I might do that. But mine are mostly Doctor/Companion stories right now.

I'd love to read it! I've been having a lot of trouble lately finding Doctor Who stuff so that'd make me happy!

Have you looked at A Teaspoon and an Open Mind?

I'm writing a sort of mini-season, between Christmas 2011 and Series 7. This is the first episode. Hope you enjoy!

I only have the first bit up, but the second chapter is almost done. It should be up in a few days. I hope you enjoy reading it, fellow nerdfighter opinions really matter to me! (even if that does sound silly)


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