Who is your all-time favorite companion? I'm a fan of Amy, Rory, Sarah Jane, and Rose myself. Thoughts?


Also, which Doctor do you prefer your favorite companion with? For example, I like Sarah Jane with the Fourth Doctor.

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Rory has been my favorite from when he first went on the TARDIS and screwed up the Doctor's routine for when new people first go on it. It was one of my favorite scenes in season 5, actually.


I also really like Martha and Donna.

ROOAAAAARY. (geddit? 'cos it's Rory? and I said it loud. like a roar? do you...? I'll just go away...)

But he's my favourite at the minute. I love him muchly. I liked the dynamic the Doctor had with Donna, and I like Rose too. I found Martha a bit meh, and Amy started out great but I don't think she's been quite as awesome recently. 

And Jack. Mustn't forget about Jack. ;)

My favourite is Amy and Rory. Also I think they work well with the the 11th Doctor. 

Rose and Dave Tennant is also my fav they were amazing together! :D


I'm really likeing Amy and Rory, I think they both just add so much more to it all!I know they are two diffrent people but I can't help but count them as one.

Sarah Jane was/is pretty awesome, I think she would be my number two of Dr's favorite companions.

Amy and Rory are great.

P.S. Cute feet

Rose and Martha are my favorite. I had a huge crush on Martha. But I'm warming up to Amy and Rory nicely.
Rose will always be my favorite, but I absolutely LOVE Donna! :D
If I had to pick, it would probably be the second Romana, played by Lalla Ward. I've been watching the 4th Doctor adventures to see the influence of Douglas Adams on the series, and she's pretty awesome. Very much the Doctor's equal. If I could pick a classic Doctor Who companion to come back, she would be my first choice now that Nicholas Courtney (the Brigadier) has passed on. see the influence of Douglas Adams on the series... wait, wait, what? Can I get more information about that? o.O <3
Douglas Adams both wrote and script edited the series during some of the Tom Baker era. Like "The Pirate Planet", while he was working on HHGTTG.

Loved Romana II. Did you know she's married to Richard Dawkins? Couldn't be any better. And did you happen to watch the flash remake of Shada on BBCA. You can sense Douglas Adams all over it. But instead of using Tom Baker they used Paul Mcgann, and lines didn't really work with him, they were obviously writen with Tom Baker in mind. But at least I got to see the episode with Lalla Ward.

Susan, Rose, Sarah Jane, and Donna.


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