I thought this would be as good a topic as any to start with a bunch of Whovians. There've been a lot of gals in the Doctor's tow, and a few guys too. So who's you're favorite?

Note: I'm going off the new series (since 2005) myself, only because I haven't had the time yet to get around to watching the originals.

I used to be a die-hard Rose fan, but Amy Pond is a wonderful amalgamation of all my favorite things about Rose, Martha and Donna. She's spunky and awesome, and cute as a button, which doesn't hurt.

Jack Harkness is pretty awesome too, btw.

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I'm totally for Brigadier Lethbridge-Stewart (Mainly with Three) ... and Turlough (with Five) ... i'm a classics girl... and you know... i think there is another one of these Favourite Companion threads floating around here...
god there all great but my fav i think is amy pond just because
Amy and Romana are the best
I also haven't seen any episodes before 2005 and I would say Donna is the best, but if I had to choose a guy I would say Rory (even though he is more Amy's companion than the Doctor's) but all in all I have liked them all so far.
For the longest time it was Rose, but I've decided that River Song is my favorite. She cares so much.
how can you say that.

i know she like marrys doc later or whatever but i still think she should be his daughter
Sarah Jane FTW.

I know! Jack, then, for me, Human Doctor, if you can say that for him... because he's a mix of the Doctor and DONNA, whom I LOVE!

I love Donna.
I've only watched bits and pieces of the original Doctor Who, so for me it was really just gorgeous to see the Doctor with someone who was really just a through-and-through friend to him, instead of the cliche "Oh Doctor why are you so mysterious and dark don't you see I love youuu"
Amy is #1
Jack is #2
Donna is #3
Romana is #4

Mine list is the same except 4 is craig because i thought he was awesome

I am only about half way through the Second Doctor right now in the classic, but of the companions he has had so far I love Jamie and Victoria (mostly because I think I would act like they do, i.e. nervous yet ready for adventure if needed). I also love Susan probably because she really understands the Doctor in a way that no one else can. I am sure will find new favorites as I go on though.

In the new series I have to say either Donna or Amy because they don't give of the "I need your approval to be complete" vibe and because the smack the doctor around, in a way.


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