So, what's everyone's favorite episodes? I haven't seen EVERY episode ever made, but these are the ones that I really like (these aren't really in order though): 

The Girl Who Waited (Matt Smith)

The Doctor's Wife (Matt Smith)

Blink (David Tennant)

Caves of Androzani (Peter Davison)

Pyramids of Mars (Tom Baker)

The War Games (Patrick Troughton)

And yep, those are some of my absolute favorites. I'll probably remember some more that I love as you guys mention your favorites. I once made a list of my top 10 favorite episodes but I can't remember where it went.

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Amy's Choice is genius. Vincent and the Doctor is also wonderful. 

I also love the episodes where it's not necessarily about the doctor, but about the people around him. There's one with Ten where a group of people get together and try to find the doctor, but end up starting a covers band and having social get togethers instead. The Doctor only appears right at the very end, and he has about 5 lines. It's a great episode. 

Blink is another all time classic. 

Any episode with the with the weeping angels is a great one :P

I also love the girl in the fireplace, the curse of the black spot, and the library episodes.

i love a lot of the episodes, but yeah, Blink and the Doctor's Wife are at the top

Some of my favorites are the girl in the fireplace, blink, the doctor's daughter, vincent and the doctor, the lodger, the big bang, and the girl who waited. Hmm maybe I have too many favorites.... Oh well, I pretty much love all of the episodes.

I love the Doctor's Daughter! I still really want them to have her come back for at least one episode. I think it would be really interesting to see how the current cast would react to that. Also I just really liked Jenny

The girl who plays Jenny is Peter Davison's daughter and she married David Tennant! :D

The Empty Child (Chris Eccleston) 

Oh yeah! I forgot about that one. I remember that one was on my list of my top 10 favorite episodes. Yeah, that's a good episode :)

That one was scary! Almost on par with the Weeping Angels. I personally liked the Doctor Dances (Christopher Eccleston) better though. I mean, 9 dances! and then "Everybody lives Rose! This time, everybody lives!"

the Lodger! I forgot about that one. Genius. 

Still dont like The Girl In The Fireplace and Blink at all.
I loved almost every episode of season 1,
the last three episodes of season 3, Fear Her, The Fires of Pompeii (because of the humor)...
Oh and The Library! It had so many different emotions that I was exhausted
when I finished them.


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