Firstly, this brain crack, so please tell me if it is a bad idea.

I was listening to Gallifreyan History 101 (Chameleon Circuit) on YouTube, and I had this idea that somebody could actually make a blog or something, covering all the periods of Gallifreyan history that we have actually got...?

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I would do that, but I haven't seen any of the older episodes, so I don't know how accurate it would be...

Maybe if we gather all the information together it would be more accurate?

That's what I was thinking, just putting everything we know together...

Seems legit but spelling of Omegal is wrong. They spelled it Omega. lolz. 

I am sure it is actually spelt Omega...

then why the frel did 2 and 3 pronounce it that way? -confused face- 

well, for starters, we know it is the home of time lords

And we all know it was destroyed eventually. That bit is mentioned quite a bit in the newer episodes.

This site has a lot of who-information, including gallifreyan history (right at the bottom) , but it's also quite ugly to look at, so if you can take that information and put on a site that is pleasing to look at, it would be a great service to all whovians.

Funny how according to it many of the Great Old Ones from H.P.Lovecraft stories are apparently timelords, never though the two could merge outside of fanfics, but apparently they do.

Uh...rumors about the Dark Times in random parts of classic Who (one of them is The Deadly Assassin).  I'm not sure what they were exactly, I think the 2nd Doctor elaborated on it when talking with the Brigadier in The Five Doctors.  See, Rassilon was one of two (or three?) founders of Timelord society who became corrupt and did a lot of horrible cr-I'm really sorry how crap I am with this.  Doctor Who gives random references that are few are far between, but occasionally resemble something connected and linear.

Ok, best guess here.  Rassilon and Omega ushered in a new age in Timelord society, but Omega was killed in creating the Eye of Harmony.  Rassilon used new time travel tech and abused his power (the Dark Times).  The Timelords rebelled and overthrew him and locked him in the Death Zone.  Some time after that, the Timelords helped the Minyans by giving them regenerative tech and other stuff, but the Minyans abused it and the Timelords went neutral in the universe.  


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