So how were all of you guys introduced to Doctor Who?

When was the first time you heard of it? When did you start watching? What was your initial reaction? How confused were you at first? :)

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I started because a very good friend said to watch it and I forgot untill it was halfway through the episode (it was only a couple of months ago) and watched half an episode I thought it was a tad odd but I watched the next couple of episodes then blink came on and I was hooked. (I was very confused)

my mum was watching it when christopher eccleston was doctor and i fell in love with it.

i first heard about doctor who through watching charlieissoccoolike, vlogbrothers, and other people who mentioned doctor in their videos. I wasn't at first and didn't people liked it. I watched the fist three episodes wasn't interested at all. Then a few months ago i thought i would try it again and i started watching the current seasons and loved it! I've almost watched every episode and can't wait till season 7!! 

I started watching because charlie(issocollike) kept talking about it in his videos so i searched for videos to watch online and the one i had to come across was 'let's kill hitler' which is like the worst choice for starting EVER but i thought it sounded cool. of course i didn't understand much but i was determined to find out more. that was last october i think and by now i have watched every episode of the new series at least 3 times over. I'm totally obsessed :) thanks charlie :)

At my Alma Mater (Hampshire College FTW!), we used to have a weekly event called BBC & High Tea. On Friday afternoons at 4 PM, we would gather, brew up several pots of tea, and sit back for some golden newies from the British Broadcasting Co. New Who was, of course, a favorite with many of my fellow attendees, and they quickly initiated me into the ways of a Whovian. The rest is nerd history.

It was a dreary Saturday afternoon and I was bored out of my mind. I began surfing channels when I stumbled upon Doctor Who on BBC. It was actually the series in which there was a new Doctor(Matt Smith) and it was nerd love at first sight. I was a bit confused at first, but as I went back through Netflix to catch up on all that I had missed, I understood perfectly. It is by far my favorite show ever.

Well my sister's best friend is a whovian and one day she came to our house and she put Doctor Who on Netflix and everyone in the house was drawn in ha ha, and this was just last year so I have only seen the new Who sadly

I was watching italktosnakes on youtube, and she had filmed a doctor who convention. she then mentioned that the uk youtubers could tell you more about it. i then subscribed to charlieissocoollike and watched all of his DW vlogs, and decided to watch it on netflix. i've been hooked ever since the doctor first told rose "run."

I just walked in when my parents were watching TV, and Doctor Who was on. It looked interesting, so I sat down and watched...every single Saturday until the end of the series. Then I  just kept watching, series after series.

There was a series marathon on BBC some year ago with Donna Noble. IT was the first time I saw it.

They started showing the classic episodes for the first (and only time) on Swedish TV some year later and this year we had the opportunity to watch Planet of the Dead and forward via BBC Entertainment.

And suddenly I understood the Dalek scene in Mr. Bean.

I watched a few episodes here and there at my friends house when she would be catching up (neither of us get BBC). I started watching actually this past summer purchasing episodes from itunes, then I learned I was wasting money and I could just watch online. And I think my mom might upgrade to all the channels so she has more things to watch.

I remember asking my friend "wtf, how the heck are statues going to kill them?" "Who is that?" "The Doctor, what kind of name is that?" She would just get quite annoyed with me.

I remember watching a preview of the first NuWho episode way back in '05 when it started (and previous to that, I remember... Tom Baker's face? And nothing else), and it was that scene where Christopher Eccleston says "Hello Rose, I'm the Doctor. RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!". At the time, I thought was really cool, but it was on CBC and I never had time to read it, so it fell by the wayside. The next time I got into it was the Season 4 specials, particularly End of Time (yeah, I know, in at the end, sue me). And, weirdly enough, even though I had zero context for the characters or their struggles over the last four years, it wrenched my guts something fierce just do to the sheer emotion involved, and I ended up watching the crap out of Matt Smith and watching the entire NuWho back catalog. I kinda regret not getting in on the ground floor, but it's never too late to start!


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