So how were all of you guys introduced to Doctor Who?

When was the first time you heard of it? When did you start watching? What was your initial reaction? How confused were you at first? :)

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Sitting in my carpool on the way home from school. It was the Christmas special, "The Next Doctor." 

I was hooked.

As were my two brothers once I started watching it passionately. :D

My best friend had been bothering me to watch it for a while, and I finally gave in last year. I watched all the episodes of the new ones on Netflix, and i am completely in love.

I started watching it last year when my brother had it and I thought it was interesting. I had no idea what it was so I would just watch  it when my brother had it on. Neither of us knew about the whole regeneration thing so we got really confused when it was going from Matt Smith episodes to David Tennant episodes to Christopher Eccelston episodes. I really got into the actual show when my family sat down and watched a brand new episode so I actually then latched onto the story line.

I was really sick, and Doctor Who was on my list of things to start watching, so I found the first episode (started with 9th Doctor) and was hooked! I finished 3  whole seasons in four days.

I first heard about Doctor Who 2 years ago from my friend Gilby. I was at camp and I asked him to sign my shirt. He wrote something really random, and I was like "What on earth does that mean???". He explained that it was from a show called Doctor Who, and that I had to look it up. I forgot about it until I started watching Charlieissocoollike. I was mildly interseted, but never got around to watch it. Then back in April I got the 5th series from the library. It was cool, I enjoyed it, but I didn't get really into it until about 2 weeks ago when I started watching David Tennant's Doctor. And now I'm addicted :)

I first started when my friend enthusiastically recomended it to me. To my shame, I started on a random episode, The Impossible Astronaut. Even though I was pretty confused, I thought it was awesome and that was what got me hooked on to the series.

Mine is a long story too but I'll make it short. I live In America, so growing up I had no Idea what Doctor who was. One day (Back in like, late '05) I saw the made for TV Movie on a movie channel and was confused, because I caught it in the middle. I didn't watch it all though (I think I might have left the room). I saw a commercial for the new series one night and was intrigued but wasn't planning on watching it. But I did happen to catch the second episode on the night it premiered (both episodes one and two premiered on the same night on Syfy) and I really enjoyed it!

so that was the short version. If you want to hear the WHOLE thing it's in this video I made a while ago

This story makes me feel old: My father was in the US Air Force and serving in London, England. I was still a baby at the time, but my parents tell me that my absolute favourite show was Doctor Who (starring Jon Pertwee!). I don't remember the show or anything about our time in the UK, but they tell me that I was enthralled by the show. Later, when we moved to the States, I rediscovered Doctor Who on public television (starring Tom Baker). It was 1978, and once again, I was hooked. This time it stuck. I watched the show loyally every Saturday night on PBS. And when the show was canceled, I continued my Doctor Who obsession with the novels and Big Finish audio dramas. When Russell T. Davies succeeded in bringing the show back (better than ever, IMHO), it was like all the awesome had been let back into the world.

 I've heard and saw it on for a couple of years but never sat down to watch it and my best friend is a loyal fan and was trying to get me to watch it but I wouldn't. One day I went to his house and he was right in the middle of the Big Bang episode(it was a rerun then) at the part where The Doctor is telling all the villains that hes stopped then all and come get then if they dare..this might be the pandorica..anyway I was so confused and enthralled so I went home and watched all the episodes from 2005 to date and that's it  

My mum watched it obsessively in the Tom Baker days. So, naturally, when she found it in 2005, she watched it endlessly and had the whole family hooked within moments. So I started watching it in 2005, when I didn't even know what the heck I was watching, with Christopher Eccleston. Even though I was, like, ten, I really loved the show because it was nerdy, like me, and seemed interesting. I wasn't really confused at all because, like most little kids, I had such a wild imagination, everything happening seemed possible and I took the show to be a reflection of what was yet to come for humanity. 

your mom is fantastic

I first began hearing of it ages ago because people would post things about it on Facebook. I had no idea what it was, and the statuses were never detailed, and anytime I mentioned to anyone that I didn't know what it was I was only told, "Go watch it, it's awesome," which isn't always the best way to get someone to watch something. I didn't bother to look it up, and for a while I thought (just based on the name) that it was some kind of Doctor Phil-esque show. Well, that wasn't really an active thought, more just a passing impression.

Then sometime last summer a friend of mine got Netflix and started watching it. So she told me about it and I thought I might as well watch an episode or two, and I've been hooked ever since.


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