So how were all of you guys introduced to Doctor Who?

When was the first time you heard of it? When did you start watching? What was your initial reaction? How confused were you at first? :)

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actually, i was on your friends' side of this sort of conversation regarding TFIOS a couple of months ago.  it's sometimes hard to articulate the awesome...

btw, are you following me?

The first time I remember seeing Doctor Who related stuff is in a magazine of models for some stupid thing in school. A couple months later I looked up the schedule after finding out that we have BBC America as a channel. After school that day I ran into the room to watch it, and because I'm on the west coast and everything airs 3 hours earlier, I couldn't watch it. But it came on at 7 am, so I could watch it before school, but that started a week later after some "Important" test came up. And then I learned that my dad watched Doctor Who on PBS a lot and I was scared of the title sequence. Except now I talk so much about Doctor Who he refuses to watch the new ones.

Saw it all over tumblr and a little over a year ago decided what the heck, why not, I'll give it a shot.  It took a few episodes for me to really get into it but oh god I became addicted VERY quickly.  I have a TARDIS tattoo now.

I was studying with a classmate one night and we both fell asleep in his room. He decided just to go to bed and let me stay on his couch, but I was still wide awake so he turned on his Netflix and showed me select episodes of Season 1 and 2. I've seen all the episodes since then, but I was hooked. When I first watched it I saw episodes 1, 4, 12, and 13 of season 1 and even though I was slightly confused, I fell in love with the Doctor and Rose. That was nearly two years ago, I think. I didn't watch all of it suddenly, in fact I didn't watch much of it for about a year i think, but then I really got into it and watched one episode every night until I saw all of the episodes.

Just about 6 months ago, my friends would always talk about the show. So of course I knew all the season 6 secrets while I was watching season 2; it wasn't all that confusing. I liked it, but it wasn't until my second season that I got hooked, and have watched all that I could since then. 

Charlie McDonnell, roaming around on Youtube and found his Dr.Who Video. I always like weird stuff and watched it on BBC America... OMG loved it!!

When I was in 9th grade my friend explained DW to me and I thought it sounded really stupid and I didn't really get it. Then one day I got on to a nerdfighter confessions page on Tumblr some how and read all about how those people loved it and that got me curious (I'd forgotten that my friend told me about it). I also knew that Charlie loved it. So then I was all done with watching all of 30 Rock on Netflix and wanted something to watch. So I looked to see if they had DW and they did so I started watching. I had stayed up till like 9am or something crazy like that after watch like 3 episodes and fell asleep. when I woke up Netflix wouldn't work because my aunt changed the password and wouldn't give it to me and I was all sad and said to my cousin on the phone 'but I just started watching Doctor Who!' So then we got Netflix and I watched all 4 seasons and the specials (had to wait a whole day for Netflix to put The end of Time pt 1 & 2 on). That was like last day of august/first of September 2010 and I've gotten my 3 cousins into it. It my cousin Damion and I's favorite Tv show.

2 years ago my friend who was obsessed with it introduced it to me and I had heard Charlie McDonnell talk about it so I was really interested so I watched a random episode that I saw on TV and after that my friend and I, who were stuck in boring Drivers Ed for 4 hours a day for 3 weeks, would watch Doctor Who episodes in there and talk about it. I started with Series 5 and then went back to Series 1 and watched the rest! The first episode I ever watched was Amy's Choice and then I started back at the beginning of Series 5. At first I was a bit confused but I really liked it so I stuck to it and now I've been an obsessed Whovian for 2 years! haha.

I friend of mine was really into it and we would watch it whenever we were at her house. My first episode was at the beginning of a regeneration. I wasn't confused. 

I'm actually a new Doctor Who fan. I joined Tumblr last year and kept seeing stuff about it EVERYWHERE!! And then I came home for this past Christmas break (Christmas 2011) and a friend of mine was wearing a Doctor Who shirt. I asked her what it was. The next day I bought online streaming of Netflix just so I could start watching it and never looked back <3

Through my Dad, he forced me to sit down with him and watch it. Thank God he did! 

Family thing. My dad watched from tom baker and on. I watched from when I was little kid to now.


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