So how were all of you guys introduced to Doctor Who?

When was the first time you heard of it? When did you start watching? What was your initial reaction? How confused were you at first? :)

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well when i first watched it i was about 5/6 and i really liked the "woosh woosh" of the TARDIS but as i got older i actually statred watching it for the story and characters David Tenant is the best doctor I've seen but i stopped watching after he left but i do plan to getting around to watching Matt Smith I've heard  nothing but good things and i only really got about as confused as a younger child can really get with the Christopher Eccleston ones 

For me there were several reasons to start watching it. A penpal and a friend were watching it, Charlie and Kayley.made me really curouos about it and I had a general feeling that it was time for me to get into (all sorts of) science fiction. In the late summer last year I met my Belgian penpal for the first time IRL and found some pictures on his wall of Dr. Who. I said that I wanted to watch my first Dr. who episode with him. He got pretty enthousiastic, explained everything without giving me spoilers and while we watched The Doctors Wife and The Shakespeare Code I fell in love with it and from thay point most of my emails to him were mostly Dr. related. :)
When I got back home I started to watch a few episodes per day/later per week, necause
I barely had class that semester. I wasn't sure about the first episode butfrom the second I was hooked.
How confused I was? Confused! I had to watch some parts again and again to understand and look on the Internet often what actually happend. Not much has changed, only now I allow myself to be confused every now and then. I guess I like it, it keeps my brain busy.

I was putting away the laundry and saw my dad watching the doctor who episode silence in the library. I asked what show this was, and thus began my love of David Tennant and Doctor Who. Now I love DOctor Who more then my dad xD

heh.  nice

Erm, I cannot remember my original reactions, just that I became instantly obsessed with all things Who (especially time travel), but I was eight, and it was 2005 (I'm British) , and my dad sat me down and told me to watch Doctor Who, and I did, and I loved it!

I watched a couple of episodes with my dad when David tenant first started, but I didn't really get into it. But then I started watching David's second series with friends and fell in love with it. I've been watching it ever since and have started buying the original series' so I can watch every episode :)

Watching a youtube channel of a guy who moved to England. I got curious about the show so I downloaded it. The first episode I was like...WTF? I loved it!!! And now it's my favorite tv show ever.

I first watched doctor who when I was really little. The first one i remember was Tom Baker's key to time series. My parent's introduced me and about five years ago we discovered that they had started the series up again with new doctors. 

My parents met watching doctor who so it's sort of been a part of our family 

they may not know it, but your folks are totally Nerdfighers

My little sister kept raving about it, so I checked it out and was instantly hooked. I'm just finishing Tennants last season... and I have a feeling I will cry like a baby when he regenerates lol

Good luck :) every Whovian I know (even pretty tough dudes) cry or tear up about that episode. And I sincerely hope you end up liking Matt Smith, because it looks like he's here to stay for a while.


Personally I just can't handle it if I see Tennant cry. When he cries, I will cry. 


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