I've been wanting to make a TARDIS dress, but I have NO idea how. Anyone have any simple ideas?

I have a couple of friends who actually make dresses, but they don't like Doctor Who (:-() so I don't know that they'd want to put time into it.

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i made a Tardis jacket  for Halloween. i borrowed the idea from:

she has some amazing doctor who inspired outfits.

I very easily made a tardis dress this year. I didn't sew the dress, but instead bought a plain blue dress with as few curves as possible. Then I taped (you can glue if you want to have a permanent tardis) felt patches to make the details like the windows or the police sign. For the light on top, I took a cup and a headband, covered the cup in blue and white felt, and attached it to the headband. I attached it by making two slits across from each other on the cup and sliding it onto the headband. It turned out nicely but was very clearly homemade. I hope this helps!

Thanks, all of you. That helped. :-) I just love the idea of walking around as a TARDIS. :-D

I cosplayed as the TARDIS at Supanova (Australia's version of Comicon) last week. I've made a How To video here:

If you're after a more traditional 'dress' there's a couple of tumblrs that are dedicated to TARDIS cosplay and they have heaps of cool ideas and designs. Just go for it! Experiment!

This post should help.


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