So my friend is starting her sister on Who, and they're going in order starting with Nine. After watching Parting Of The Ways, my friend texts me to tell me that her sister described regeneration as "Time Lord puberty." At first I was like WHAT?? LOL! And it seemed crazy. But then I started thinking about it. A Time Lord's biology and system could be boiled down to an amplified human's, since they're a lot like us but so much more. And humans go through puberty once, so wouldn't it make sense for, a Time Lord with higher biology, to go through it multiple times? Maybe I'm crazy and this is still a holey theory, but I wanted others' input. :D So. Is regeneration and the post-period afterwards like Time Lord puberty?

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I've never thought about that before... that is actually really interesting!

I know, right? The more I think about it, the more I become interested. It puts a whole new spin on it.

Mind Blown. o.O

Interesting thought...I still prefer the death metaphor to the puberty metaphor, mostly because regeneration is so abrupt. Puberty takes ages.

That's true, too. I DO have a bit of a hard time with this since I've lost two of my Doctors via regeneration and now have PTRD (Post-Traumatic Regeneration Disorder) because of it. :P But during puberty we're starting to find out who we are, and each time he regenerates he has to find that out again. (I always think of the scene in "Christmas Invasion" when Ten doesn't know who he is. XD) So I don't know. It's like a combination of both, I think. The death of one man and the birth of another, and that new man has to learn who he is. :)

You don't know who you are as a young child, either; and the Doctors have some of this too. See Eight, who came back very obviously from the dead, and Two, who has to search for his predecessor's diary in order to figure out who he is.

On that note, maybe we all regenerate. There are certain points in your life at which you can remake yourself...and while Time Lords do it more completely (and often more consciously)...we still "look Time Lord."

Exactly! "You look human." "You look Time Lord!" :3 Humans change as we grow up, so it would be acceptable to say we can regenerate to some degree. It's obviously more subtle and slower than a Time Lord's, but that makes sense since our systems are a basically-watered-down version of theirs.

Wish I could say more about your comments on the earlier Doctors, but I haven't seen any of them yet. :(


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