I don't mean to be a massive nostalgia critic, but I have to say I'm losing my passion for doctor who...

I've been watching doctor who since i was very young, watching the reruns of the classic series when i was about 5-6 and then watching the new series when i was about 12-13. Through that time I have come to realise that the two shows were very different. The classic series with it's ridiculous plot lines monsters and "special effects" didn't take itself too seriously and it's viewers took it at face value as a kind of silly show. Where as the new series took the batman approach and decided to become a lot more serious compared to its predecessor, bigger budget more action better special effects (well actually they still havent improved that much). Initially I loved the show in its new incarnation (or regeneradtion XD) with Christopher Eccleston giving a serious performance while not taking himself to seriously. Then came David Tennant (this is the point where i believe the show took a turn for the worse), the story became more about romance then the serious plot line they claimed the new series was about, Roses character didn't change from the end of season 1 and regressed back to her annoying character at the start of the series.

I quite enjoyed series 3 because the story wasn't overly convoluted and while there was a type fo romance between the doctor and martha it never really distracted from the plot. Series 4 i won't talk about because i just get mad at suffice to say the only episode i enjoyed was Midnight which everyone else seemed to hate. The David Tennant farewell episodes were ridiculous and he did not need 4 of them, the waters of Mars was the only decent one of them.

At series 5 i suddenly had hope again a new doctor a hot new assistant and Stephan Moffat as a new head writer, I quite enjoyed it (Geronimo as a catchphrase was awful though). So the new doctor was good and i was getting psyched up for series 6, which was fairly mediocre with a few good episodes like Amy's choice. Halfway through series 7 Im not sure i want to watch anymore, the series has been awful! I didn't mind Dinosaurs on a spaceship but i feel like i should be enjoying it not waiting out for a good episode.

Now I'm in two minds about whether i will continue on watching the show at all (I think im going to use the christmas special as a measuring stick). Sorry about the rant I would love to hear and have a discussion about other peoples ideas about where the show is and what they think the future of the show whould be...

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Don't watch "The Snowmen" for the snowmen. Watch it for the dynamic between Eleven and Clara.

That's why it took me so long to realize how cheesy a lot of the Classics are--because they aren't. They're not about silly threats; it's a character-based show. I just finished "The Green Death", and had two reactions to it: 1. the first few shots of the maggots creeped me out, but then they were a bit silly; and 2. the romantic plot seems shoehorned, but JO GRANT WHO I THOUGHT I WAS GOING TO HATE BUT WHO GREW ON ME THE WAY ROSE DID IS LEAVING AND IT'S TEARING THE DOCTOR APART.

You can tell which part I think is more important, and for which reason I watch the show. And that's my advice to you.

True! People ask me how I can watch Doctor Who when it can be so cheesy sometimes. And sometime even I'll come to an episode or a season in which I think, "Ummm... ok, why?!? This is ridiculous " But like you said, Doctor Who isn't about about being realistic or scary or anything of the sort, it's about the characters, and most of all, the interaction between the Doctor and the companions. I think that's truly why this show has lasted as long as it has. And 11 and Clara so far are AWESOME together, and despite how good/bad the episodes get, I'll keep on watching it for that reason.

PS: I absolutely love Jo Grant, although I too wanted to hate her at first. I also thought I was going to hate the 3rd Doctor too at first (I'm not quite sure why I thought this) but it turns out that he grew on me. And then Jo came along, and I was like, "Oh here we go, she going to be a whiny, annoying companion!" But you know what? Her and the Doctor were absolutely amazing! It's one of my favorite eras of Doctor Who for this reason, despite that it's perhaps the cheesiest.

Kinda reminds me of this thing I found the other day:

Doctor more than just a show about a time traveling alien.

Starting in my teens, I watched the original series starting from the middle of the 4th Doctor and then backtracked and saw most of the 3rd and a few of the first and 2nd. I never thought it was just a silly show, although I did fast forward through some of the lumbering monster scenes when I taped longer stories. It always was rather Batman in my opinion. The actors, directors and some of the writing were that good.

I had a lot of issues with Doctor Who when Matt Smith became the new doctor. Everything was so different - new doctor, new companions, new headwriter, new TARDIS panel, I felt like it was too much for me. It took me a very, VERY long time to get used to it and I didn't liked 11 at all. I didn't felt any connection with Amy/Rory and I guess that in some way, the connection that I felt with the companions before Moffat was stronger. But I do love the series a lot. But I was really afraid that I lost my passion for the series as well.


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