Did anyone else find it highly irksome that River Song marries the Doctor?  In my opinion, it was, in a way, selfish of her to sacrifice the universe and time to be with him, even if it was out of love and to show him how appreciative everyone was of him.  


Not to mention, it wasn't evident that the feelings were mutual... The Doctor only seemed to marry her to save the universe from dying.


Plus, the Doctor isn't supposed to marry! He's supposed to be the character that can never be entirely committed to anyone because of his constant traveling.  And that's why he can never have a companion(s) with him for too long.  


But that's just what I think.  I'm curious what everyone else's opinions are. 

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he has seemed to return more of her feelings this season, even so, i think you're right, it does seem weird...unless Deborah is right about him knowing he has lots of time after she's gone to be 'a free man again.' 

btw.  i really hope not, not so much for her sake, though i actually like the character more than a lot of my whovian friends seem to, but because i HATE how marriage has lost so much meaning in contemporary society.

well, he has to move on! i mean, he's left so many people behind if he spend the entire show sulking about how much he misses them nothing would ever happen. also, some people started watching after 2005 and if the writers kept referring back to the older episodes, the newer viewers wouldn't get it.
still, it just seems random from the point of view of someone watching all the way through. He was heartbroken over Rose, but then all of a sudden he doesn't care.
Obviously, you never watched Lost... One of the best shows of television that made references to the first season in the last season...
(I love lost!)
so... in the period of time since we last saw River, the Doctor has been doing a lot of stuff. He could've been with River. Rember, when he died, he said he was about 1100 years old. That's 200 years for him and River to get to know each other. He could've fallen in love with her. We don't know the Doctor's backstory for those 200 years.

But why would you take something so meaningful and monumental in a person's life and base it off supposition? It seems a bit too... contrived...


By the way, love your picture! 

Yeah, I was annoyed when they got married. It was obvious that the Doctor didn't love River like she loved him, he was only complying out of desperation to save time. Yes, the Doctor is fond of River, but he didn't want to marry her. That was unnecessary.


The season finale didn't hold up to my expectations. I mean, I guessed (correctly) what the question was weeks ago, so that was a bit disappointing.


But I wonder how future seasons are going to be carried out if the whole universe thinks the Doctor's dead. I suppose he'd have to pretend to be a younger version of himself. And he'll have some new companions in season 7.

I agree.  I suppose I'm just used to the finales with innumerable twists and turns that you'd never expect and take two shows to explain.... Haha...


As for season 7, it'll be VERY interesting how they write themselves out of this one. XD 

No, see, what I think is that he's never told her his real name, but rather all those times when she's been whispering into his ear she was just saying something else, like look into my eye as a clue for him in the future maybe....


And yeah, the kisses they've shared just sucked, the first one was her jumping on him all RAEP, the second one was her smashing lips with him so that she could POISON AND KILL HIM. So really, i don't get any love love vibes from them at all. The Doctor blatently doesn't love River like she loves him, and actually that makes me really sad. I feel really sorry for her... We haven't seen the Doctor try and deal with the sadness of losing her slowly each time he see's her yet, but It will be awful when we do. Frankly, I like River, She's always been a badass, bamfalicious awesome character, I don't get all the haterade against her!

I don't understand why people dislike her as a character.  She's almost (and I say this loosely) like Jack Harkness, but female.  However, her personality just doesn't seem to compliment the Doctor's in a romantic light.

Almost, i agree! I LOVE CAPTAIN JACK THOUGH!!!!!! I want him to come back.. :') Loved him SO MUCH! :D  Honestly, even though I really like her, I DO NOT fancy them as a couple. Nah-uh, nada nooo...


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