Did anyone else find it highly irksome that River Song marries the Doctor?  In my opinion, it was, in a way, selfish of her to sacrifice the universe and time to be with him, even if it was out of love and to show him how appreciative everyone was of him.  


Not to mention, it wasn't evident that the feelings were mutual... The Doctor only seemed to marry her to save the universe from dying.


Plus, the Doctor isn't supposed to marry! He's supposed to be the character that can never be entirely committed to anyone because of his constant traveling.  And that's why he can never have a companion(s) with him for too long.  


But that's just what I think.  I'm curious what everyone else's opinions are. 

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Here's a question. If time passed for the Doctor did the crew of the time-traveling robot Doctor age and die?
.....Why ask a hard question?! Can't we all just watch the episode, feel happy and then anxiously await the next one?! PLEASE?! D: I don't get that actually, why did the Doctor age like 200 years between the bit before he died and the death!? I mean... He was only 900 when he asked for the robot doctor, so... Really, what happened in that 200 years, or did the people making it just make a bit of a booooboo? >.<
Maybe he just asked the captain guy to meet him at that diner by the lake, and then the Doctor met up with him when he'd aged enough. :)

I think that sense River and The Doctor don't actually have the same doctor-companion relationship it's not really the same, plus they're both nomads and both have (or had) guilt for the other's death.

I don't see how you could say that The Doctor doesn't love River. Maybe love is a completely different thing for him, it can't be assumed as some inherent emotional pattern...I think they're the only ones who could deal with each other, but I also think that it's way too simple for them to just either way it's going to be interesting to see what Moffat does :D

But how is marriage out of guilt one out of love? That seems very flawed... And furthermore, why would you marry someone just because of his or her tolerance of you? If there was no deep emotion, why would you bother getting married? It would be exponentially easier to stay close friends, especially with the not synchronized time streams...

And if you say that love is not an inherent emotional pattern, then who is to say his next regeneration won't find River completely distasteful?  If you're going to use that argument, perhaps you ought to explain which definition of love you're applying....

Just some thoughts :)

Well, I think he expected some bad circumstances, and he knew that he and River ended up being married at some point (anyone remember the yes or yes scene?), also can i remind you that their timestreams are working in practically opposite directions so the next time he sees her, if she has gotten a vortex manipulator by that point, she probably won't remember it. It seemed very much like it was put in to please the fans though, when they could've just kissed and let that be that. He does like her somewhat it seems, and he must feel obliged to her seeing as she gave up her immortality to him. Also, during Let's Kill Hitler he whispers something into the newly regenerated Mel's ear about River, and she smiles and says, I'm sure she knows.

Sorry this is getting to be rant length! Anyway, anyone else agree its possible but unnecessary? 

He should not be married!! Definitely!


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