As we all know the next series will see the departure of our beloved Last Centurion and The Girl who waited, many sites across the net have been flooded with speculation as to the next companion. As I can see it apart from absolute strangers as is common with the doctor, current favourites for his companion seems to be either River Song or Jenny, the doctors cloned daughter. However I personally would love to see a side companion something like K-9 added into the mix.

How amazing would it be to see the Doctor travelling with an Adipose in his pocket, the combined cuteness of Matt Smith in his little fits of childlike behaviour combined with the squeaking waving ball of fat that captured hearts during Tennants era could lead to the end of time itself (again).

Anyway who else would you like to see the doctor travel with alien or otherwise and why? or is there anyone here who thinks the doctor may choose to travel alone because he knows what's ahead?

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I'd like to see something akin to Leela; a companion who could challenge the doctor by being savage, or an alien, or Romana. 

I'd love to see Romana but that would open a massive can of worms what with the whole Time Lords stuck in the time war thing, kinda hard to see how the series would go if the doctor found a way to release them. :(

I heard Romana was president of Gallifrey eventually, Id love to hear about that. But I think its unlikely.
I mean her returning, not that she was the president of Gallifrey.

didn't she get removed for Rassilion who was in DT's last ep?

She did! I just looked it up in the Tardis Wiki. I didn't realized it because I was too busy with my pre-emotional breakdown because of, you know... 

wait, she's not one of those who voted against his decision to contact the Master, is she?

either way, what he does is so not jokes.

I'd love to have a companion like Donna again, someone who can stand up to the Doctor a bit, who isn't in total awe of everything he does and who has a great sense of humour.

Actually , if they could just find some way to bring Donna back then Wilf could tag along too and my happiness would be complete.

Donna will always be my favourite companion but even if they couldn't bring back Donna can you imagine Wilfred meeting an Ood or Sontaran? it would be incredible

Too perfect! I bet 11 would love Wilf's hat too, "I wear a woolly hat now. Woolly hats are cool."

I concur with this line of thought! =) Donna was best! Wilf would have been great for 10 as well.

So someone like Donna would be good.

Moff tried to distance himself away from Russell as far as possible and I don't see him bringing Wilf back because he was a Russell character and one of Russell's favourites


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