Dunno if this has been done before, but what are your favourite references to things in the new series?

They could be to the old series, or to other tv shows.

My personal fave is craig doing the 'beam me up' thing in closing time

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I never understood that one. Does it mean the doctor was Santa Claus when she was twelve?

I just discovered one yesterday and was so happy. In Tooth and Claw, the doctor introduces himself as Dr James McCrimmon - referencing the 2nd doctor companion jamie

I loved it in the one with Shakespeare when on two occasions, they made Harry Potter references. "Good old JK!" and "Just wait till you read the 7th book..."

you missed a reference - at the end, to rhyme with 'harm us', Shakespeare uses EXPELLIARMUS to make the Carrionites disappear.

Oh I know right? And Back to the Future!

In the episode the the ghoststhatarereallycybermen, the Doctor makes a ghostbusters reference :)

Oh so good :D

Rose and Nine are in the Hospital in New New (New New New New New New New) York, and Rose introduces him as Doctor Spock.

I am just reading Bridget Jones The Edge of Reason
when I find one:.something about sneezing green snot into your own face.
Anyone who can explain? It has to be classic, this book was released before
the new series.

The line was something like this: ''He sneezed green snot into his head, just like in Dr. Who''.

Oh!! Amy Pond in The Name of the Star by Maureen Johnson!!

In The Shakespeare Code when they tell Shakespeare to say "Expelliarmus!"


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