New episodes! Whooo.  Mystery solved.

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I honestly hope she gets killed off, I hate River!

You might not hate young river though! If she regenerates and doesn't turn into old river till much later on in the Doctor's timeline, then there could be 2 or 3 different River's that you love that have their adventures with the Doctor.
I hate River too, but I just keep telling myself she's better than Rose. At least River can defend herself.

(and now 42 bajillion people are going to come kill me because they like Rose)
I really don't care for Rose either, so that's one less person to attempt murder.

wtf?! i apologize in advance for being "that guy" but i LOVE River! why don't you like her?


Because she not only holds the Doctor in awe, but rather than treating him as her equal, she also acts likes she's better than him, and that he belongs to her.

And pull whatever card you want about their "relationship..." one of the most annoying traits in a relationship is over protectiveness... I hate it when people treat others like objects.

The other reason I dislike River is that despite other theories, I have a feeling that she's going to kill him, and the Doctor will just overlook that in their relationship, and it will be like Rose all over again.

What else??? Oh! I also hold up my belief that River's secretly an evil time lord... or at least working with evil time lords... and that they've finally realized that the Doctor's weakness is a good mystery and a pretty girl. Hence Amy Pond and River Song?

I disagree that she treats him like she's better than him, I think she just knows him better than anyone and can actually treat him like an equal which is so unheard of in the doctor who universe. I like how for once somebody can actually tell the doctor what to do and he will actually listen and agree, and I really think it is unfair to say she treats him like an object.

I also think that she will kill him but I don't think it is as black and white as it seems. It will have something to do with the silence (I'm not sure what) and I'm almost positive they will somehow either prevent it from happening or bring him back (if only to ensure that they can continue on with new regenerations in the series. Matt Smith will not be the last Doctor)


Yes! Thank you Kathryn!
My thought on The Doctor's plan to avoid his own demise was this:
He invited his 907-year-old self to meet River, Amy and Rory immediately after his own death to take him back to 1969. This is where they meet Canton Delaware Everette III and The Silence. However, The 907-year-old Doctor did not originally want to go. He wanted Rory and Amy to go back to being newlyweds and for River to go back to prison. The 1100-year-old Doctor knew this. He also knows that he cannot knowingly travel on his own timeline. Lest he undo the universe, which is bad. As such he must persuade himself to do so before he is aware of the actions being taken. He needs Amy to persuade The Doctor. He needs River because she understands spoilers. And he needs Rory to... be present? To... die? To protect Amy! Yes, that's what I meant! You would you trust the most to prevent your death without realizing your doing it? Yourself? The Doctor? The advantage of being The Doctor is you get both.

Thanks and Gig 'em.

Rose was way overrated. I didn't mind her per say, but thought that the Doctor thought way too highly of her and overlooked her selfishness. The Doctor deserved a better love interest. 



Oh god, I'm sorry I'm fulfilling your prophecy. 


I loved Rose! And River!

Aww I like River! Especially in the David Tennant series!


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