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Let's not shove Moffat into a room with only two doors. He always seems to find a window or an attic nobody noticed. The choices that have been presented; The Doctor saves her thus ending/changing the timeline where she kills him (though we still don't know it was her to begin with). Second, he doesn't save her and she's raised by the headless monks to be a weapon against The Doctor.

Possible 'window' senarios:

Someone kidnaps her for their own benefit.

There is a war that is started when word gets out of a child with Timelord DNA.

The Headless monks and the priests have a falling out. The priests keep River.

The Headless monks and the priests have a falling out. The Headless monks keep river.

The Master returns and takes River himself.

And so on...


Now that you've said it, I desperatly want the Master to be trown into the mix!
Maybe I'm just crazy... but there's some head honcho running this whole show who's bigger than the Silence and bigger than the monks... and remember the silence were bigger than all the villains we know and love (except the master...)

So I can't help but believe there are time lords involved in this somehow. It makes sense that they would track the Doctor's activity, would want a weapon to kill him, and realized they needed something bigger after all his enemies couldn't keep him in the Pandorica.

They would also be able to see into his future and realize his relationship with River, using that to their advantage... not many other... enemies of the Doctor would be able to do that.
I think you have a point, but I don't think its the one you made. I believe there is a difference between 'silence' and The Silence. The phrase "Silence will fall" has been prevalent even through season six. The phrase is not "The Silence will fall" which is what happened. Besides why would one of The Silence predict their own downfall like they did? That never made sense to me. Then again, this is probably a rabbit trail...
... It wasn't the Silence though that told the Doctor "Silence will fall." It was Prisoner Zero who said it first? No?

But I see where you're going with the "the" thing. Silence have fallen. But are there more of them left?
Prisoner Zero may have said it first, but (he?) didn't say it last. If you listen to the song in the Christmas special between seasons five and six "Silence will fall" is a verse. And one of The Silence actually said it too. Which is what makes me think there is a difference between The Silence and "Silence will fall" as a concept.
Alright, fair enough. XD I didn't remember the silence actually saying it...
In one of DW confidentials, it said that the first two episodes of this season with the Silence monsters in them, were wrapping up the whole 'the silence' idea, since it wasn't really finished at the end of the last season. But I suppose they could have been misleading us...
Hrmm... I think the confidential could be misleading. But if they say it in the audio-overs on the episodes on the DVDs? Then it's rock solid. I'm not quite sure why this is...
i think this is because they record the confidential immediately after, and also during production of that current episode. Anyone who has worked o a running T.V. series would know that the storyline from "where ever they are currently" on out is often open to change and even a complete turn around should the writers come up with something that is dramatically better than the previous... The audio-overs however on the DVD's are done post knowledge of the entire series... and thus they have already gained an undeniable knowledge of what IS going to happen next, rather than their own assumptions on what has already been pre-determined but isn't set in stone.

atleast, that's how i see the way DW is written... and it leaves it open to a heck of a lot of fun for both us and the cast/crew because no one get's any "spoilers".
I hate Rose...Donna is the best and River isn't my favorite either.
I think they are going to find baby Melody and Rory and Amy will raise her (those characters will then leave the show) and then older River will transform into a different person (because she will have been raised differently).


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