New Who or old Who.


Although the weeping angels are high up on the list, they take a second place to one monster that I find to be terrifying and we know NOTHING about.


Whatever that thing was on the planet of midnight. That is the scariest. That thing is strong, brilliant, and completely unknown. It's to us what the doctor is to the bad guys. Unknowable power and completely on the other side as us.

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I also really wasn't as scared by the weeping angels, so it's good to see that somebody agrees with me. In terms of actual consequences of being attacked, the weeping angels don't do anything really terrible. They send you back in time. Sure, it may be terrible to be separated from everything you know, but it's not as truly terrifying as some monsters. I would prefer that to having something take me over, or having the flesh stripped from me, or being turned into a gas-mask zombie. 

vashta narada, silence, weeping angels, and then definitely the thing on the planet midnight

i almost forgot about that thing until now...

The scariest thing about that thing on midnight was that we never find out what it is... or where it lives... or what it looks like... or if its in the room with you right now...
Have fun sleeping tonight!

I'm scared out of my whitts by both the Vashta Nerada and The Weeping Angles. Friggin terrifying, they are!

I'm going with The Midnight Thing, and the reason is simply thus:

I WILL NEVER WATCH THAT EPISODE AGAIN. Like, I REFUSE. It's like a phobia for me now. I just THINK of that episode and I RELIVE THE ENTIRE THING and get traumatized all over again. So, yeah. Why? I don't know. But sometimes the ripples in the pond tell you the size of the stone.

Weeping Angels. They are just flat out scary

whatever was out there on midnight!

Don't forget Vashta Nerada, that was beyond spooky

Two words: don't blink. Weeping angels definitely for me! :O

Weaping angels I've seen blink about 8 times!!
The only enemy that actually made me freak out was the gas masked kid from The Doctor Dances

To me, the scariest of the monsters are the Silence. Or at least, that's the one I think of at once. I mean, what could be scarier than to forget. Personally, I don't fear death, which is for most part what other scary Who monsters do, I mean kill you.

I do in fact have a bad short term (and possibly long term) memory (though I have not gotten medical confirmation on this), and thus, in my dreaming teenage mind I do wish it was the Silence, because then the Doctor would be real. 

As Charlie McDonnel says in his video "Scary Science", our past is what makes us who we are, and taking pieces away from that changes us.


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