This has probably been done but I still really wanted to ask :) My favourite doctor is Tom Baker, and out of the three most recent it's David Tennant FTW.  What about all of you lovelies?

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Until recently it was Christopher Eccleston all the way.  And then I fell in love with Matt Smith, and then I fell in love with Tom Baker.  I have really like all the Doctors I've seen (One, Two, Three, Four, Nine, Ten and Eleven), but I think that my favourites are Matt Smith and Tom Baker.

its impossible to decide that! D:

I've got diffrent things i like about them all, and I think if it were possible to make them all one favorite would be that one :o

Matt Smith

Tom Baker and David Tennant

I am a huge fan of Matt Smith, I think he has done marvellously as the doctor :)

Eccleston, he's funny and clever. plus he was my first doctor so he'll always have a place in my heart

It's actually really cool to notice how Eccleston played the more serious Doctor, and Matt Smith plays a really silly Doctor. Right in the middle is Tennant, who has, in my opinion, the perfect balance of silly and serious bits. So, David Tennant is my favourite.

(I should note that I haven't seen much Classic Who, so my opinion may be skewed a bit. D:)

To me, he is the emotional doctor. But indeed, he is serious and silly at the same time.

ten and four (: 

Matt Smith all the way! He is such an amazing actor and he plays the Doctor so brilliantly!! But I also totally love Tom Baker and David Tennant! And I forgot how good Christopher Eccleston was until I was rewatching some of his episodes not too long ago, but he is also great.

I've also started watching Patrick Troughton and he's also absolutely brilliant and amazing too!

I haven't actually watched the classics yet (shocking, I know...I really need to, haven't found the time to hunt them all down yet), but my favorite is probably Eccleston.  David Tennant and Matt Smith are BAMFs, but Eccleston is just fantastic.  ;P  Also, I just kind of want his leather jacket.  And attitude.  Muahahaha.


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