I, probably among many others, am very excited for season 7. I thought it'd be fun to share our speculations and things we would like to happen. I hear that Jack might be coming back, and I'm psyched for that, but I want to hear what everyone would like to see in season 7. What type of companions do you want to see? Do you want anyone to come back as a full time companion? What enemies do you want to see return? I'm excited to hear everyones thoughts.

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Who wants jenny back?

My first thought when I saw this forum was "Jenny, I want Jenny to come back"

Same here! =)

Definately would make an interesting plot line :D

Jenny must come back.

Okay. The actress who played Jenny, The Doctor's daugher, was actually David Tennant's real life wife. How fucked up is that? All that aside, oh yes, Jenny was hot!

...I did not know that. When did they get married? Also, isn't it about a 15 year difference?

Just recently,

new years eve I think

She's also actually the fifth doctor's daughter

Yeah... forgot to mention that. I liked Peter Davidson a lot. That coat...

I want Rose to, somehow, come back. Jenny too.

I want Jenny and the Master to come back. 

OMG if the Master comes back my brother will be overjoyed.  I heard he's coming back in Season 8 (2013), but regenerated, so there will be a new actor playing him.


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