I, probably among many others, am very excited for season 7. I thought it'd be fun to share our speculations and things we would like to happen. I hear that Jack might be coming back, and I'm psyched for that, but I want to hear what everyone would like to see in season 7. What type of companions do you want to see? Do you want anyone to come back as a full time companion? What enemies do you want to see return? I'm excited to hear everyones thoughts.

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I want another Dalek episode, I have a weird fascination with daleks :)

I have a poster in my room of about 1meter x 1 meter of a Dalek. I totally feel the same!

They are just fascinating enemies..... :) No mercy.... 

EXTERMINATE!!!! I need to make a dalek poster to put on my "wall of who"...


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