So, I have friends who refuse to acknowledge the Doctor's existence (I KNOW RIGHT?) when I say I'm a future companion. They asked me how exactly I was going to find him, as he could have regenerated if he did exist. So I need YOUR help to compile a list of strategies we all can use to finally join the Tardis crew. Mine are:

-Not ignore big blue boxes

-The Donna Strategy (aka hunting down conspiracies)

-Stay in London for Christmas

-Scan for alien tech

-Deliberately infect yourself with an alien disease so you can meet the Doctor when he comes to cure you

-Search for all Easter eggs on any DVDs you own

-If somebody ever asks you what year it is, grab onto them until they agree to take you with

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Anything that you don't want to look at, look at it. Definitely follow running couples, and anyone named John Smith... Go into ANY blue police box that you find.
Cardiff, good point, he's been there a number of times!
any unusual activity go there where there's werid there's the Doctor
True dat, my friend.
you could try to destroy a planet or something, but then he would have to defeat you... so yea...
Aww, that would make me sad.
OR he would keep you in a box in the TARDIS like he wanted with the Master (which is probably not the sort of relationship you want with the doctor).
The campus I'm on has blue phone boxes all over. I always check to make sure they're not bigger on the inside, especially the box that's inside. Why is there a blue box parked in a building unless it's the most convenient way to park it on the way to save the world?
  • Move to London
  • Stalk Cardiff
  • Hang out in Ealing (specifically 13 Bannerman Road)
  • Look out for old companions
  • Be on the lookout for police boxes
  • Work at Area 51
  • Convince everyone I'm an alien so he'll feel obligated to rescue me when I'm locked up
- Be young & hot
- Hang around stone statues of weeping angels a lot.. kinda suicidal, though
-Become a member of NASA and the UN.
- Ask any doctor his full name. If he refuses or is John Smith, you know enough
- Any man who carries his screwdriver with him on a regular basis can be the doctor

My little guide on how you can become the new companion (if I don't beat you to it)

  • Be British 
  • Be a girl (or Rory. If you're Jack... Call me :) If you are Rory: Here is a big hug. Hang in there)
  • Have an unique personality 
  • Be cute
  • Be funny
  • Be street and/or book smart 
  • Be seemingly unimportant 
  • Be ginger (2 out of 4 "official" female companions in the new series were/are ginger(ish). He's obviously compensating for the fact that he's not ginger himself)
  • Be at the right place at the right time (somewhere in the UK at the time when the current show is filming)

I wanted to say that last point as well! I hope he will be ginger next time


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