So, I have friends who refuse to acknowledge the Doctor's existence (I KNOW RIGHT?) when I say I'm a future companion. They asked me how exactly I was going to find him, as he could have regenerated if he did exist. So I need YOUR help to compile a list of strategies we all can use to finally join the Tardis crew. Mine are:

-Not ignore big blue boxes

-The Donna Strategy (aka hunting down conspiracies)

-Stay in London for Christmas

-Scan for alien tech

-Deliberately infect yourself with an alien disease so you can meet the Doctor when he comes to cure you

-Search for all Easter eggs on any DVDs you own

-If somebody ever asks you what year it is, grab onto them until they agree to take you with

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has anyone seen the petition going around to try and have david tennant carry the torch in 2012?

Oh that would be made of win! Links plz :D

this is where i first saw it ( i dont agree with the last frame at all btw)

BE ME! okay, it's completely coincidental, but also hilarious.

haha, that is great! Your so lucky!

Totally awesome.


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