The Doctor as a time traveler has language translated for him by the TARDIS. We only hear him speak English but if he ever spoke another language we would not know. My question is do you think he speaks English or is it merely translated by the TARDIS from his native tongue?

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I'm sure he speaks the languages of whatever aliens he meets. For instance, in Planet of the Dead he easily speaks that croaky language to the fly people, but the TARDIS just isn't there to translate.

I doubt he's speaking English...perhaps he does occasionally to be nice to his Companions, but I would bet most of the time he speaks Modern Gallifreyan and the TARDIS translates.

I think he can definitely speak lots of different languages, including English, (and French-Girl in the Fireplace) I think when he gets ideas and is speaking really quickly he's speaking Gallifreyan but otherwise he probably speaks English for the practice.

Interesting idea. He also speaks Judoon in "The Stolen Earth."

That irritated me. I mean, we should have heard it in English, what with the TARDIS being right behind him and all :P

Well as he said they are part of the shadow proclimation who are the law in teh universe. So it would make sense that they have their own language that cannot be translated. polotics and what not.

Yeah, I think that's a pretty good idea. Especially the bit about getting ideas :D

Knowing the Doctor, he's such a genius that I doubt he'd have much trouble (if any) speaking English. After all, he has interacted with Earth for 900 years, I think that's enough time to become very fluent.

I think he does speak english considering that he runs in to a variety of humans. So yes he has stated he speaks everything including baby.

I'm thinking he speaks a lot of different languages ... definitely. 

It's been said already, but I agree. The Doctor is brilliant, old, and has spent a lot of time on Earth. I would guess he speaks most of the major Earth languages pretty fluently.

Speaks many languages but in the heat of the moment switches over to what is more comfortable which is native and BOOM the TARDIS translates it for us so our heads do explode from the sheer amount of AWESOME rushing at our ears. =)


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