I want to know. What do you guys think was the saddest episode of Doctor Who?

Personally, I think it was Doomsday (10th Doctor).
That one makes me cry uncontrolably, EVERY STINKIN' TIME.
"I'm burning up a whole sun just to say goodbye to you."

So, yeah, discuss!


Hello all. Glad to see I started an interesting discussion. I now wish to add to my list of sad episodes.

There are two more now that make cry every time. 
Vincent and the Doctor - I'm sorry but the ending is the most beautiful thing. It really speaks and tells the story of a lot of artists, and how much doubt they have in themselves. It really does something when someone praises an artist.  Seeing Van Gogh's reaction to what the guide was saying, and knowing his history, I cry. A lot. 

- The Angels Take Manhattan - Self explanatory. 

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...I haven't thought about that, but you are right.

I lost it when Donna started to scream when he touched her head to erase her memories. I can't stand it when people are being forced and show resistance in general, but this topped everything. I think that Donna is probably the companion that I wanted the doctor to be with forever. They were so happy and balanced together and he really needed her. I think he needed her like no other companion (in the new Who anyway).


When he does his special I-look-inside-of-your-head trick I usually really like it, because it feels very intimate and special to me. In 'Fear Her', I thought it was beautiful. Or with the Master. But not to frakking remove someone's memories!

Turn Left is plenty sad too: Donna makes one choice, which causes thousands of people to die, including Martha, Sarah Jane, and Jack, whom we've all come to love, and she STILL doesn't realize her self-worth.

A perfect analysis.

I think the first episode with River Song " Silence in the Library was the saddest. ~SPOILERS~ I already knew a little about her back story so when it was the first for him it was the last for her D': And the irony when Donna came back from the dream and didn't notice her "husband" being teleported away but he noticed her (that made me cry)! And also all of the deaths that occurred, they were sad but they didn't make me cry, although that is also one of my favorite episodes :3 But also the "last" episode with Donna where she had to get her memory wiped at the end. Both my mom and I were crying ha ha. Donna is one of my favorite companions because she didn't have to be young and perfect to be his companion and she also just liked him as a buddy, he didn't have a romantic interest in him :D I will stop now ha ha

I was so depressed (spoiler!!! sorry!!) when i watched flesh and stone, because all that i could think of was: she's dead, and alive...poor doctor...when will know when to take her to that one place before she goes onto that trip???

Those were almost my exact thoughts too ha ha and my friend who introduced us to Doctor Who (I am forever in her debt) told me about their backstory. And when she appeared in the episode I was thinking " YAY! River Song is here :D But wait it is her last time D: *sob*"

For me, the saddest episode is Journey's End. I think my heart broke at what happened to Donna. She had been through so much and had just begun to believe that she was worth something. To have all that taken away and go back to being "just a temp," alone and "shouting at the world" because no one is listening. She went through experiences that made her a different person, and then those experiences went away--so the Donna we came to love died that day, because she will never be that Donna again. It hurts just thinking about it, and I have refused to re-watch (or think too much about) that episode ever.

Never thought about that. But the ep is also happy because of Rose and the Human Doctor.

The only thing I have to say is "I don't want to go..."


I know! End of time is so sad, at least at Ten's regen. He's the only one to regen w/o a companion!


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