I just got done watching the season finale and I want to hear your reactions. Mine was:

*finishes watching episode* 'HOLY SONIC SCREWDRIVER! BEST... EPISODE ... EVER... so far :)

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The question hidden in plain sight!!!! I feel soooo dumb for not figuring it out. Also, maybe I'm still dumb but I would have thought we already kinda new the answer.
I was just confused by that whole thing. It's kind of mean to base a whole episode around the premise that the Doctor can't tell anyone his name, and then not tell us why he can't tell us his name!!! But obviously, there is some condition under which he can tell someone his name, whatever it is. I mean, River knows his name, correct? He told her before he died in LKH... But then... Why would they (Amy and Rory) believe think that the Doctor told River his name if she already knew his name? But did she? Was it an alternate version of time where she couldn't remember? But...
Dear Lord, it's the Big Bang 2 all over again.
(I am really, really sorry to be a Debbie Downer here, but hey, everyone is entitled to an opinion in the whoniverse, right?) It seems like everybody loved this episode, but why? I honestly did not like it at all, and that's saying something cause there are only a very small handful of episodes of Doctor Who that I hate. I felt like things were kinda obvious. And I don't know about you guys, but at the end I was like, "WHAT THE HECK?!? YOU'RE THE DOCTOR, YOU'RE NOT SUPPOSED TO GET MARRIED!!!!!" Maybe it's because lately I've really gotten into the classic episodes and I'm just in that classic Who mentality. I really think that that's probably it. My dad watched (he used to watch it a bit way back when) with my brother & I tonight and he was like, "What the heck?! This is not the Doctor Who I used to watch." And it's not, but you know, the show evolves and changes with the times, and we all, including myself (mostly myself actually. haha), just have to accept that. Haha, listen to me, I sound like someone who has watched for eons, but this is the 1st season that I've watched while it was airing (I only started watching at the beginning of this year, but I've watched way too much DW for it to be "normal" since then :D) But I will say that there were some good moments that I loved ("So does that make me his mother-in-law?!" :D) And was I the only one who wanted to start crying when they said that the Brigadier was dead? D': But I'm not gonna lie, I can't wait until the next episode because after all, no matter how much you don't like an episode, there is bound to be episodes you love with all your heart again :D
I was touched that the Brigadier got that moment. But  I was also a little peeved that the Brigadier (and the actor who played him) got to have a sad death moment and Sarah Jane Smith the much loved Elisabeth Sladen did not.
I have a feeling that she will, during season 7.  Especially since at least half of it is supposed to be during 2013, which is the 50th anniversary of the franchise.
I agreed, I didn't think this was my favorite episode of Who, but the question really made up for it. I really started laughing my but off. And we don't know the Doctor's real name (which it could be referring to) or it could be the parts of him that we don't know, the parts left unexplored, maybe the parts of him that even his not quite sure about.

I agree-- not my fave episode. I might just be a hardcore Tennant fan, but I feel like as soon as he changed he was just like, "Rose? Who cares! I've got a half TimeLord who's my best friends' daughter!" Aaaanyway, regardless, I may have been like really dumb, but I was actually surprised by 'The Question.' also, I couldn't help but think that it wasn't like an actual full question, like "who is the doctor" or whatever... hah, I know, it's just supposed to be the title of the show, but.... I happen to be a Grammar Freak. 

well, those were my thoughts.

I agree that it wasn't the best.  I guessed 'The Question' AND the resolution/how the Doctor would survive pretty early on, and it was kinda disappointing finding out that I was right.  It seems like in most Doctor Who episodes every last hope of survival is erased and only then do they finally reveal a way out.  The predictability of this episode made it seem all too... simple.  After it ended I was like, 'You have GOT to be kidding me.  That's IT!?'  As for River Song, I've liked her character since she first appeared in Silence in the Library (is that right?  I think that was her first episode..) so the whole 'marriage' thing was fine with me, although it would be nice to see them actually bonding some.  Maybe I'm just crazy, but in a lot of her episodes with Tennant I got the impression that they would be really close in the future.  Still not too sure about #11 though :/ he's almost too different from the last one.  I don't really know why everyone is so obsessed with him and Amy and Rory.  They're alright, they just.. haven't quite grown on me yet. Probly just missing Tennant haha.

Really curious to see how they write themselves out of this whole death for the Doctor thing!  Any theories?  Hopefully it will be better than what they did in this episode. 

It was a good episode, best ever, not so much. Loved the time collapsed reality, there so much you can do with the premise of all periods of time existing simultaneously, hell there a whole sci-fi book series centred on it, which extremely ironically, is called, Riverworld, me thinks Moffat must have read it.
I loved the collapsing time as well; it was hilarious. Churchill makes a great Holy Roman Emperor! But I think Matt Smith needs to ditch the Jesus beard.
I cried a couple times. It was really amazing to see how it all worked out. I knew The Doctor wasn't going to really died it was obvious. I didn't know how Moffat was going to pull it off, but he did! There's still a lot of things that I'm still unsure of, but as long as The Doctor is still alive, I'm good.
I agree, I loved it.


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