I recently comented in the main board asking whether or not a male Time Lord who regenerates as a female or female who regenrates as a male would be considered transgender or transsexual.  That random idea inspired another train of thought about the implications of the possibility of regenerating into a different sex/gender in an understanding of sexuality. So, what are your thoughts?  

I'm not really sure where would be a good place to start, I just thought the topic would be interesting. Sorry.


Just so we're clear, in this discussion, let's assume that regeneration is a given, not a fictional concept. It'll just make discussing it easier.

Just in the name of full disclosure, I am a straight man. I try to be conscious of the privilege that comes with that all the time, but occasionally I am not. I apologize if I fail, and would appreciate it if someone were to point it out to me if it happens.


I never thought that I would have a discussion like this, online or IRL. Of the people I know who watch DW, very few of them would be willing to have, or be mature enough to have, this conversation, and of the people I know who would be willing and mature enough to have this conversation do. not know enough about Doctor Who.

I am in awe of Nerdfighteria, I'm really glad I found this community. Thanks for providing a forum for this discussion, everybody

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Slash fic is always totally valid anyway... who cares about canon, lol


It was a joke.

I know. It was still worthy of a facepalm. I hope I haven't offended...

No you haven't... I just didn't really knew how to put it right so that everyone would understand it was a joke. ^^ 

Okay. Well, now they know, right? :-)

I may be crazy, but I don't write Master/Doctor slash. Just like I don't write Kirk/Spock slash, but I recognize that they're attracted to each other.

There are a number of things the new-series Master says that the Joker would never say to Batman. Or vice versa: the Doctor keeps trying to get the Master to run away with him. Starts with "we can fight anywhere else, just not Earth!" which I will agree is nemesis-y. Ends with "It would be an honor to travel with you." Which is even affectionate out of context.

See, I may be crazy, but I have evidence of my insanity. ;-)

This is an interesting concept. I have to come at it from my perspective spiritually, but I'll try to explain enough as I go. 

Time Lord regeneration, if we're to liken it to our world, is basically reincarnation without going Home in between, while maintaining memory of prior lives. Since very few people remember their past lives, we tend to approach things from a 'one shot' point of view. If you only have one shot, you identify as male or female or gender queer (to avoid all the other options), and if you change your physical body you join a category of transgender/transsexual.  But if you can look beyond that and realize that we have been male and female in various past lives, a time lord isn't as tricky to comprehend. If a time lord regenerated but had no memory of previous regenerations they would be more similar to humans. The overall point I'm trying to make is that our essence, and a time lord's essence, is not strictly male or female. Their choice of gender, just like ours, depends on what experience is desired in a lifetime. 

I may have just assumed far too much in my explanation for it to make sense. If so, please ask and I'll expand.  To simply answer the question, no. A time lord is not trans in any way if they choose to change genders in a regeneration. It is an interesting question though, one that allowed me to draw this parallel which I haven't in the past. Thank you!


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