Well, I was on my way to a gay gypsy bah mitzvah for the disabled when, suddenly, I thought
"Gosh, the Third Reichs a bit rubbish; I think I'll kill the Fuhrer."


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Best way to regenerate ever. I love Melody.

Trollin' Nazi's at the same time.


Strange to see character development backwards.

i know, but it's so awesome!!!

I watched that episode again the other day. That line always makes me crack up :)

 I randomly say it in the hallway to people, and the looks I get make me laugh.

"Let's kill Hitler" is one big, fat plothole waiting to be ripped apart, but, man, I loved every second of that episode.

So true. Regeneration disabled, using all regenerations at once to bring someone back to life, Melody not poisoned by her poison lipstick, what?

that's honestly my second favorite Dr. Who quote the first one is from the same episode and its when rule 4: time is not the boss of you. I love River Song!!!

That is one of my favorite lines River ever says its just so funny that was also one of my favorite episodes


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