In the episode "God Complex" what/who do you think The Doctor saw?

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I don't think he is quite afraid of death. He's lived for a very long time and seems to accept his own death, he seems very prepared for it in the episode after. 
And I think that was Amy's room... but I wasn't paying too much attention at that point.

My first thought was himself but then I wasnt sure if that would be to obvious or not.

I like the idea of it being Rose, well not like as such but think its a good one you know, then I thought maybe him self (or his form at the time, so David Tenant) with out Rose?

I'm not sure about what was in his room, but I was thinking that if he has a room he must believe in something. In 'The Satan Pit,' he says that if he believes in anything, it's Rose. Maybe it's still her, or perhaps Amy?

We know he hates himself, perhaps he saw himself.

That seems to be the most popular opinion.

I think most of you are right! I do believe the doctor's room had something to do with the TARDIS leaving, because although he has had all these companions they eventually leave him and as we know even, River (his wife) dies in Forest of the Dead. The only one who has ever and will always be by his side is, his REAL wife, the TARDIS! So it only makes sense that losing her would be his worst fear. 
you can tell by the sounds that come out of the room it sounds like a dying tardis

Hmmm I never connected that--but it seems plausible.

I think it was Adric. He felt bad for letting him stay on the ship and crashing into Earth (even though he made the choice to stay). Just kidding. I thought it was himself also. But with the cloyster bell I'm now thinking maybe the Master or one of the Time Lords from the High Concil. Or perhaps his father (that would be too Star Wars, so I hope it's not that. Already been done.)

I believe that The Doctor may have seen himself leave Rose, or something similar to that, or possibly all of his former companions, or possibly every Time Lord he ever killed, as I'm sure these memories haunt his nightmares.

Just clearing things up, in Amy's room, we saw her as a little girl, waiting for the doctor, right? So that means that she was afraid of waiting or depending on someone. The doctor saw that and told her that he couldn't save her, so she stopped depending/believing on him. Am I right?

In the doctor's room, personally, I think it was River or himself. Although, himself seems a bit obvious. Seeing as this is Doctor Who, I think that it was River.

I think he saw himself being all alone.

I agree with most everyone. I think that it was himself at his worst. He knows and fears just how far he can cross that line.


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