I've only watched the new series, but I always welcome a diversity of answers! I think, in my opinion, the best-dressed Doctor was the Eleventh, what with his tweed jackets and bow ties and suspenders and all. 

As an asides, I loved the Tenth's Converse shoes.

Also, how about companions? Which companion do you think was the best dressed? Although, their clothes usually differed in each episode (unlike the Doctors'), so...

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Personally (for I can only speak so), I'd say 4th!

I love his scarf :)

The Tenth, he was able to pull off converse AND a suit. I don't know many other people that can do that.

Not that I pulled it off like he did of course but I was wearing those glasses and converse before David even became the Doctor ; )

Well, this is hard to say.  I'm going to go with 11 because of the bow tie and the suspenders and the occasional fez.

But I love 10's shoes so much!

Loved Baker's scarf, Tennant's shoes and coat, and bow ties are cool (not to mention a fez).  Can't decide.  Uh..I think Tennant will win this one for me though.


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