I'm a massive con/events go-er so my list is pretty long. Who have you met? Or if you haven't, who would you like to meet?

I've met:

Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill (all multiple times), Paul McGann David Tennant, Catherine Tate, John Barrowman, Eve Myles errr... Caitlin Blackwood, Georgia Moffett, Camile Coduri.. Think that's it.

I would like to meet:

Christopher Eccleston, Billie Piper, Kai Owen

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Dude. How did that happen? :O

I go to conventions.

Matt I met at the HMV signings last year and this year.

Karen at the HMV signings this year and last year, and London Comic Con and at the BFI Screening of Lets Kill Hitler

Arthur at HMV this year and the BFI Screening.

David Tennant and Catherine Tate at Much Ado About nothing (twice...)

Paul McGann, Georgia Moffett and Caitlin Blackwood at Entertainment Media Show

Eve Myles at entertainment media show and the torchwood HMV signing this year

John Barrowman at the HMV signing this year

Camile Coduri at London Comic con

I'm constantly going to cons, is basically the main answer. And I'm lucky enough to live in the UK where most of them happen


On the other hand, I've seen Tom Felton IRL. I walked just behind him...

I met Rupert Grint at Reading Festival and nearly threw up on him.

Not a potter fan though so, wouldn't have bothered me really

You nearly threw up on him? Oh gosh poor guy. xD


I've met
I've met...
Janet Fielding
Matthew Waterhouse
Colin Baker
Kai Owen
Gareth David Lloyd
Frazer Hines
Katy Manning
James Moran
Daphne Ashbrook
Sarah Sutton
Paul Cornell
Ian McNeice
Tommy Knight
Paul Kasey
Cush Jumbo
Gary Russell
John Levene...

And there are probably more just can't think of them right now... and there will be more come february...
Explanation... Gallifrey One

I was considering Ian McNeice at EMS but I didn't go for him in the end. How was he?

He was very nice... and very funny. We still have jokes about "Ian McNeice's UNIT"

I can probably do that UK wise.

The only famous people I have met are Holly Black, Cassandra Claire and Scott Westerfeld.  And that doesn't even relate to this discussion, but I'm going to complain about living in Canada, because no one ever comes there.  I was so excited when those three came to Toronto!

the only famous person i've ever met is one of the women from big brother series 5 nikki, and technicaly i didn't even meet her we just happened to be in the minor injurys at the same time. she was stomping around in really high heels complaining on the phone that her ankle hurt.

i've met:

matt smith, karen gillan at comic-con
arthur darvill, comic con as well as him in theater

david tennant and catherine tate in theatre

 billie piper, camila coduri, noel clarke,

freema agyeman as part of law and order set

john barrowman, elisabeth sladen press events

k-9 at expedition lol

eve myles, gareth david-lloyd, colin baker and sylvester mcoy all supernovas

then there is joe dempsie and daniel kaluuya who i met through skins who appeared in the doctor's daughter and planet of the dead.

as for locations i've been loads of locations while i was in the UK this year.

i wanna meet chris and the other doctors, alex kingston, john simm, james corden, and the kids who play either as sarah jane's friends (luke, rani, clyde, sky and maria) or as rory, river, amy etc as kids.

such a list hahaha, surely it'll get longer as more seasons come out :P


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