For me personally, its either the Angels or the Empty/Gas Mask Children. I would lean towards the Angels but I thought they weren't very good in the Matt Smith episode. Its not as scary when you actually see them moving. 

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100% the weeping angels.
i rewatched Blink last night and Ive been up ever since.

don't blink.

Agreed. I live in a city of churches and there are so many statues... I feel like they know I know.


That is what the weeping angels did to me.

Sorry, I've gotta go with the Angels. They creep me right out every time. Scariest friggin things EVER. I can barely even stand to look at a picture of them, seriously. *shudder*
I would have to go with the Weeping Angels.
I mean, I really wouldn't want to run into a Dalek in real life, but Blink was the episode I was most freaked out by.

you're right though, they're not as scary when they move.

Me too!

Angels or........ ROSE TYLER *shudders* she scares me!
she just annoys me! she was the worst companion for me.
I have to disagree. Rose was brilliant! It's interesting to see how she humanized the doctor.

What? Rose? Why??????


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