For me personally, its either the Angels or the Empty/Gas Mask Children. I would lean towards the Angels but I thought they weren't very good in the Matt Smith episode. Its not as scary when you actually see them moving. 

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the clown might be a monster for Amy--i think the hotel creates people's fears (hence the Weeping Angels) and Amy was the one that told that other woman not to talk to it.
I would say the Silence. It really creeps me out that I could have actually already seen them, and just forgotten. Also, I've always been sort of, I suppose, interested in the idea of memory. Like, when something's happening, we know it's happening, but afterwards, it could just be a memory planted in our heads. I know that doesn't really have that much to do with the Silence, but it's that sort of fascination I have that makes me scared of them.

The angels! They scare the sh*t out of me.. 

When I was going to sleep after seeing a Doctor Who episode with them I Imagined seeing them in my room.. I slept for maybe three hours that night. *shudder* Plus, the image of an angel is an angel...

And those water monsters from the waters on mars episode.

I think the midnight episode was the scariest, scarier than the library shadow guys, the angels and the silence. It's the unknown that creeps the jeebies outa me. That was definitely an awesome episode, so awesome that I just got an urge to watch it right now :D
The Arachnos spider queen thingie. Mostly because of my fear of spiders. *cue Weasley-like squeal*
The clockwork monsters. I dunno why they just scare me....
Weeping Angels!

The Silent or the Angels.

I think alot, and I mean ALOT about losing memory (like for example when you look away from a Silent). Almost every time a do a major turn with lots of room around me I just think that there could be a Silent behind me.

Though the Angels are just plain scary. 

Hahahaha, showers are not as calm as they were before I watched Doctor Who :P

The Angels. I got so scared when I watched both Matt and Tennant episodes that I bought a poster with just the wings, just as a small warning... I also think that the avasta nerada were pretty freaky, I wasn't able to go to sleep after watching it. The wooden dolls were very creepy, too.

Vashta Nerada* :)

Oh, I totally forgot about them! And their "om nom nom nom nom-iness".

The wooden dolls are shown in Matt Smiths second season? 'Cause I am really, REALLY excited to get to see them! :D

I love scary stuff! :D

The thing in the midnight episode all the way! Just...fuckin creepy as hell.


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