For me personally, its either the Angels or the Empty/Gas Mask Children. I would lean towards the Angels but I thought they weren't very good in the Matt Smith episode. Its not as scary when you actually see them moving. 

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I'm with a lot of people on this: The Angels and Gas Mask Children. Also the wooden dolls from Night Terrors scare me a lot.

I agree with you. . . 

The ANGELS!!!  Although the "are you my mummy" Gas mask child totally freaked me out....  I have two ceramic angels in my yard (gifts from my hubby from yrs ago).  I swear he goes out and moves them just to freak me out.  I'm a hospice nurse so i see alot of death so my freakout factor is pretty low, but the Angels totally get to me.  I cannot watch that episode alone with the lights out. 

There is no scarier monster in Doctor Who than the Vashta Nerada, though the Weeping Angels are close, but NOT in Blink, whoever said that, yeah you, of course not! They didn't even kill you, they sent you back in time so you could live out your life with your true love and have wonderful children and a perfect life. And you can stop them by looking at them, if only the Vashta Nerada were so easily thwarted! Of course, I'm not saying you can take the angels for granite. In The Time of Angels and Flesh and Stone, they were much much MUCH x 1000 more scary. But the Vashta are scarier BECAUSE you see them all the time, they're the dust you see in bright sunlight, and they could be in ANY shadow. How often do you  SEE a STONE ANGEL? Not so much. You defeat a weeping angel by tricking them into looking at each other, you defeat the Vashta Nerada by oh wait you don't, you RUN! If trapped on one side by a stone angel that looked like the one in the show that got closer to me every time I blinked and an animated skeleton on the other that was surrounded by shadows that were creeping toward me, I would run to the angel 100% of the time, wouldn't you? Actually that would be the best way to escape if it were the Blink angel, I'd would like HUG the thing. And how about this, who would win in a fight?

Oh, wait....


..nvm forget that.

I think I've made my point, anyway: the Vashta Nerada are the scariest monster because they are the reason you were afraid of the dark when you were a kid. When were you ever afraid of stone angels? We should all be praising whatever-it-is-you-praise that there are not NEARLY enough Vashta on Earth to bother anything but the roadkill, that's all I have to say, oh and thank goodness the Doctor killed the Minotaur.

For anyone else scared of the Vashta Nerada who watches My Little Pony, look at this:


Definitely the Gas Mask people.

The Nimon in the God Complex, since it showed people what they most feared.

vashta nerada AND the weeping angels. the vashta nerada addresses my fear of the dark (now there is not only an axe man waiting to slice my open, but it also inhabits a swarm of flesh eating creatures? GREAT!) and statues always freaked me out for some reason. so when they did Blink, I was pretty much hiding under my blanky...

although as my FAVORITE monster, I have to nominate the slither from the dalek invasion of earth. nothing will ever beat the slither! it's just so not scary!!! I still wonder why they decided to do that "monster". they already had the daleks (who were easily defeated by stairs back then), so why do the slither?

A swarm of Vashta Nerada.

The angels but only in Blink.. I totally agree that they're not as scary when you see them move. Also the empty child is really scary but not really a monster.

It's definitely a tie between the Weeping Angels and the Vasta Nerada. I had nightmares after watching both.

you're not the only one...

You're completely right. The stuff that could technically be real is extremely scary.

What's also scary is that I'd completely forgotten about the silence until I read your comment o.O.


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