For me personally, its either the Angels or the Empty/Gas Mask Children. I would lean towards the Angels but I thought they weren't very good in the Matt Smith episode. Its not as scary when you actually see them moving. 

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the scilence because they could make you kill your family and you wouldn't even remeber it

The Weeping Angels and the Vashta Nerada or however it's spelled.

Because of Blink, I can't go by a statue without being somewhat nervous, and touching one is out of the question.

I watched Silence in the Library/Forest od the Dead in the dark. I couldn't get to my lights fast enough.

This. The things this creature is capable of doing make me shiver.

Haha! Moffat!

I completely agree that the weeping angels are the scariest, but you have to give the daleks credit. It is not so much what they could do but their history. They were just like us before and we could very easily become the emotionless things they are. It is the possibility that is frightening. But the angels win for sure.

That's true, actually. I've noticed the Daleks are barely mentioned, because they're 'played out' or 'old' but I doubt anything had you hiding behind your couch as a kid quite like a dalek did.

Definitely the angels, if we're going by the David Tennant series.

But The Silents are scary too. I think it's something about not being able to see the monster until it gets there, like with the angels.

The Silence! I'm convinced I have one in my bedroom, I hear creeky noises from one particular corner. :P

I agree with the weeping angels, but they were best in Blink, because, as you said, we didn't actually see them moving. Oh, and the empty children always scare me. 

The weeping angels are definatly the most terrifying doctor who monsterever since i watched blink i cant go anywhere without checking behind my back to look for statues

I vote on the Silence because you wouldn't know they were there and they can affect your behaviour. Both of which are terrifying. I don't find any other monsters scary.

Weeping Angles hands down.


Don't blink. Blink and your dead.


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