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Ten was my first Doctor, but Eleven is my Doctor. 

Definitely Eleven, because his doctor was so...defined, you saw the darkest side of him, one that I don't think was ever really shown in the other doctors. Yes, Ten showed hints of it, but that's all they were. Hints. He was more of a Happy-go-lucky wannabe doctor, just for the fact that bad luck always followed him ( but this character is why 11 only wins by 0.000000000001). Nine, I just never grew attached too, and was more excited to see who was next instead of sad that he was leaving when he regenerated. I am also more of a new series girl, myself, but Tom Baker always made me smile:)

Oh, Ten, no contest.  Nine was my first, but Ten just gives me the most wonderful shivers.  Quirky, and somber, and ever so brilliant.  Hell, I hated Smith at first just because I missed Tennant so goddamn much.  But he's grown on me since - Eleven's fantastic in his own right.  But I'll admit there's a void in my heart where my unruly-haired Tenth Doctor used to be =)

Ten! He was just so...twitchy and adorable :')

Ten is my Doctor. But, Eleven is an amazingly close 2nd! He inches closer each episode to just being MY DOCTOR!

The first :) I started with the first and am glad I did. 

nine and ten definetly!!!

Ten and nine are both my doctors. I love Ten, and he is definitely my favorite, but Nine was my first doctor, and that means something special.

ten, he was my first doctor

Ten, no doubt about it. Probably because Tennant got me into DW in the first place, and converse and pinstriped suits are just adorable.

10th... Gotta love David Tennant!

Nine is the one who first got me into Doctor Who but Ten I love him! After that I wanna say either Four or Five


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