I've been seeing a lot of hate towards her on tumblr. So, I understand how some may not like the relationship between River and the Doctor, but other than that, why? I honestly think she's pretty awesome, sure she may be cocky, but when you're that good, you have to be. The Doctor is rather cocky himself sometimes, yet hardly anyone dislikes him. Is it because of who she is?

even though people disliked her before they found out

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All I know is that whenever the Doctor sees her, it's her past self from a previous episode. So like whatever happened in the episode before, hasn't happened to the current one. The more times they meet, the sooner she'll know less and less. I really like that. It's like the more we're going back into her past. One day she won't be this smart women, who knows so much about the Doctor, she'll be this young, confused girl who has dreamt about the Doctor. Quite familiar. 

Anywho, I'm pretty excited to see how her story line will progresses further back.
I don't think it's strictly that linear though, based off the description of the last time River saw the Doctor before the library when he gave her the screwdriver. I do think that they are generally going linearly opposite, but with a few occasions of mix-ups. That's how I took the whole "Jim the Fish" bit.
I think you're right about that, after all time is a big ball of wibbly wobbly timey-wimey ...stuff.
I'm going back an rewatching the start of the 11th Doctor. I know why I have a hard time keeping their timelines straight: the actress playing River is now 3 years older than when we met her with David Tennant and kinda looks it. If they are going to keep the idea that we are going backward on her timeline she's going to have to be recast with a younger actress so we can actually see that we're meeting a youner River, not an older one... =/

That's been bothering me too, I really hope during part 2 of the series we actually do see a younger River, but it doesn't really seem like it.

Well I think that we will get to see a younger River. There's this one girl that we haven't seen before in the clip and the Doctor calls her Mels... so she possibly/probably River
When I saw that yesterday, I thought that maybe this could be River.
I don't know if that will be River cause one of the previews I saw showed the same actress who plays her now. I did hang with a friend who's been watching longer than I have and he thinks she will have to regenerate soon but proly not till the end of this season or next.
What about her old incarnations? Keep in mind that current curly haired River isn't the river that's been about forever, just like Matt Smith isn't the doctor we've seen since season one. :) Im thinking, it's definately a younger version of River.
Yes, I do think that Mels could be another regeneration of River. & That River we saw with the eyepatch is probably something else, for all we know she could be the flesh. The timelines are all jumpy, and the Doctor is looking for her. There might be a point in time where they're both going the same direction. It could be he finds younger River, and then leads up to older regenerated River. If that makes any sense.
Haha, I wonder the same thing! But I also like how she acts smarter/better because the Doctor has always been the smartest dude around and everyone around him just accepts that and then we meet River and that isn't quite the case anymore then suddenly the Doctor isn't so cocky... well he still is but... oh well you know what I mean.
I like a lot of things about her, like the way she just walks out of her prison cell whenever she wants to, her fabulous big hair, and the idea that she has a book that catalogues the entire life of this seemingly infinite being, the Doctor. I always thought that she would turn out to be his wife, except that the TARDIS fulfills that role perfectly.
"what's your name?"
"I think you call me...Sexy."
"shhh! Only when we're alone."
I just don't understand how the Doctor and River can develop any kind of relationship when they keep forgetting eachother like a couple of Lockharts.


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