I've been seeing a lot of hate towards her on tumblr. So, I understand how some may not like the relationship between River and the Doctor, but other than that, why? I honestly think she's pretty awesome, sure she may be cocky, but when you're that good, you have to be. The Doctor is rather cocky himself sometimes, yet hardly anyone dislikes him. Is it because of who she is?

even though people disliked her before they found out

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I think you hit the heart of the problem for both of them in the relationship, whatever it may be. So far we have seen the Doctor not even know her, mistrust her and finally befriend her and rely on her. Now as he goes forward into her past... are we going to see the same range from her? Is there a time coming soon where he will have to gain her trust and friendship?


OT: I'm still so happy to finally join and meet other people that will talk about this at length! *happy dance*

It's kind of hard to think about that, like I previously mentioned. I really want to see that, but I find it hard to see that, but I'm pretty sure it'll happen. Wouldn't it be fun when the River Song story line is over, to watch the last episode and keep going backwards until the point where she meets David Tennant's doctor? From her not knowing who he is, too gradually knowing who he is, to knowing more about him, while he knows less and less. Oh Fun!

OT: It's so much fun! I love discussing these sort of things, I don't really like short discussions.
I currently like River, but I think we need to find out more about her before I can make my final decision. I'm not really sure how I feel about the who Doctor/River relationship, but I think (and hope) that like Rose, River will help the doctor overcome some of his anger and pain. Because whether you liked Rose or not, you have to admit she helped made the Doctor a better person and helped him overcome his inner demons. And as we all know from A Good Man Goes to War, the Doctor could really use someone like that right now, but since Rose isn't here hopefully River will be that person.
I really like how Moffat tries to mess with our minds, and makes us more intrigued about the show because we're trying to figure out what's happening. I did enjoy all the romance with RTD, but I really needed a new spin on Doctor Who.
I don't get it! I can't stand it either, I LOVE River Song! She is my second fave character, after the doctor of course...I don't like how everybody just dislikes her so much!  I've only ever seen doctor who season's five and six because I discovered it about eleven days ago...But people like Amy, why? Because she's pretty and funny and she's a FRIGGING DAMSEL IN DISTRESS. What, is it because River is Kick ass and awesome and can fight for herself people don't like her?
I really suggest you watch the first series of new who with the ninth Doctor up until the fourth series. Nine stays for the first series, then ten comes in from there. There is so many things that you've missed, so many great companions and episodes such as Doomsday, Blink, Partners in Crime, Human Nature, The Family of Blood, Father's Day, The Empty Child... I could go on. 

It's been said people don't like River because she's cocky and seems to steal the light from the Doctor at times, but you really need to go back because there is an episode with her before series 5 and 6 that will change your perspective on her more.
Now that I know who she is "Spoilers ;-) I like her more. How she acts with Amy is amazing and never gave anything away, at least not to me. The best was when Amy first meets her and how worried River is about her.
Alex Kingston really tried to subtly hint at it, Moffat has told her from the beginning who she was, so it's really nice to go back and see how it plays out, knowing who she is.

I also find her a little annoying. Maybe its because at some points she is actually cleverer than the Doctor. I mean, nobody is suposed to be smarter than he is, and it feels totally wrong to see him one step behind. The first time we saw her was with Tennant, and the whole thing didn't really make sense to me then...

Another point is, seeing as she is supossed to be getting younger, while he gets older will we have to all the way to when she was born, and even beyond? How on earth is that going to work??

Yeah, when that occured to me it made me think "Uhm, twilighty?" and then shiver...But I'm gonna hope that the doctor isn't going to have to spend time being in love with a 7 year old girl or something... Cos that would be creepy and wrong on SO many levels!

But me and my friend have a theory that The Doctor won't spend any time at all with her while she's small and growing up. I think he'll leave Amy and Rory someplace once he finds their baby, and that then he'll just pop in on them every now and again until River is old enough to A) Travel about with him and B) Fall in love with him.

I want the Doctor and River to be together, but just when it's reasonable you know?

I liked how she seemed to know more than the Doctor. Maybe that's just cos she's a girl and I'm all for equality and by that I mean girls proving that they can do anything a man can do and better. Feminism FTW. It was a bit weird but I still like her!

Well, we already saw her birth. And I'm almost 100% that she regenerates so they can cheat her timeline a little.


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