I've been seeing a lot of hate towards her on tumblr. So, I understand how some may not like the relationship between River and the Doctor, but other than that, why? I honestly think she's pretty awesome, sure she may be cocky, but when you're that good, you have to be. The Doctor is rather cocky himself sometimes, yet hardly anyone dislikes him. Is it because of who she is?

even though people disliked her before they found out

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That really excites me. Since she mentioned to Rory that the Doctor basically knew everything about her at that point, and it was so much to take in. These are the reasons I like Moffat so much, there's always something to look forward to.
Which brings something up.  Remember how Future!Doctor and River were talking in The Impossible Astronaut?  She brought up some adventure going by the name of "Jim the Fish" and Future!Doctor said that they'd done it together.  Wouldn't that be a red flag?  Like, the general rule with River and The Doctor is that, if they've done something together on-screen, only one of them has actually done it by the time they meet.
That was future!Doctor, so it's not present Doctor, which is generally where the rule applies. So it is possible that since both River and the future!Doctor are both from the future considering present Doctor's time line, that they both have already done that, together? This is really confusing. But I think River should have known something was out of place.
Right.  That's my point.  She should have known that she was talking with Future!Doctor by that alone.
Right is is possible that the future Doctor uses the flesh (given a tweak here and there) to rescue River from the Library and then have some periods of adventure together. It is also implied that the had some longer periods of time together when she was a child. It is now also possible from what we learned this season that the Doctor that was killed was "the Flesh" Doctor with some tweaks.
I see your point. To answer your question in the spirit asked -- it is because she upstages the Doctor and we're watching the Doctor Who show not the River Song show. I've gotten to like her some of the time, because Alex Kingston is good as is some of the writing.
I understand, but she had the upperhand before because no one knew who she was, she's just like the Doctor, only more flirtatious. Pretty soon she'll be the one confused, and the Doctor will know everything.
I dislike the character, she annoys me, I can't pinpoint why. The actress herself also annoys me, and I find it hard to like any of the characters she plays.
I understand where you're coming from, there's some people whose very existence annoys me. But maybe you should try to forget how much she annoys you and maybe you'll enjoy her as a character a bit more?

I honestly don't think that would work. I can lessen the annoyance, but it is such that friends tend to warn me if she is going to be in an episode.Ofcourse there are things I like about the character but I generally find myself annoyed by her.

I understand that some fans love every single character, and I have on occassion seen people on tumblr say that you are not a true fan if you dislike or hate a character. But I find that a slightly silly argument, because there are always characters you don't like in anything

I've seen those arguments on tumblr. & I don't understand how some whovians can be so inconsiderate sometimes. But it's like that with a bunch of fandoms. I personally, like most of the characters on Doctor Who, but I understand why people have dislikes towards some. If they didn't I wouldn't be able to get into serious discussions. People have their opinions, and I think if they like the show enough, then they're all true fans. I was just curious as to why people hated River, since there hasn't been much of an explanation on it on tumblr, just "I hate Doctor/River".
Perhaps, people just need to focus on the good things.


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