I got the inspiration for this discussion in another group. But anyways, you know that you're obsessed with Doctor Who when you do what?
For me, it's using my flashlight like a sonic-screwdriver to find stuff in my room, lock doors, and question people about my missing school-ID card (which I found with a flashlight I call my sonic screwdriver)  : )

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haha, I haven't started yet, I'm still getting the basics of knitting down

I knitted a Baker scarf as well!  I has so much trouble about 1/4 the way threw. I'm not sure what slowed me up, but after I got 1/2 way and actually saw it I couldn't stop.  :D  Mine is 64 stitches wide though. 

Also, I like your name... A lot. More than is nessicary.

haha thanks! :D im rather fond of it myself :P

yeah, i got half way through and stopped for like a week. but im planning on finishing my second one tonight! yay! i kinda want to make a third one but i can't really think of a logical excuse to give myself to warrant buying more yarn

Do you have a pattern? I have always wanted to make one!

Or, you know, when you're not alone, and the same thing happens...

My friends and I do this... we were walking through one of my friend's neighborhood when we saw one of her neighbors had a statue in their yard. 8O

You get suspicious when a class talks about silence.
You relate most things in real life to things that happened in certain episodes.

Amen to that.



Haha... when you secretly watch episodes of Doctor Who on Netflix during Writing class...

When you organize a school-wide, "Dress as a Doctor Who character" day..

Ah... I love my school :D

Or during Gov/Econ class and when you sit in the hallway and/or library as a gym TA :P



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