I got the inspiration for this discussion in another group. But anyways, you know that you're obsessed with Doctor Who when you do what?
For me, it's using my flashlight like a sonic-screwdriver to find stuff in my room, lock doors, and question people about my missing school-ID card (which I found with a flashlight I call my sonic screwdriver)  : )

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Why I decided to learn how to knit was for this reason...
yes! ill warn you, theres a green bit in the middle that gets very frustrating haha
oh! let me know when youre done :D
haha, I haven't started yet, I'm still getting the basics of knitting down

I knitted a Baker scarf as well!  I has so much trouble about 1/4 the way threw. I'm not sure what slowed me up, but after I got 1/2 way and actually saw it I couldn't stop.  :D  Mine is 64 stitches wide though. 

Also, I like your name... A lot. More than is nessicary.

haha thanks! :D im rather fond of it myself :P

yeah, i got half way through and stopped for like a week. but im planning on finishing my second one tonight! yay! i kinda want to make a third one but i can't really think of a logical excuse to give myself to warrant buying more yarn

Do you have a pattern? I have always wanted to make one!

Or, you know, when you're not alone, and the same thing happens...

My friends and I do this... we were walking through one of my friend's neighborhood when we saw one of her neighbors had a statue in their yard. 8O

You get suspicious when a class talks about silence.
You relate most things in real life to things that happened in certain episodes.

Amen to that.


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